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Monday, August 2, 2010

15 Minutes (Day 4) Studio/Office Flylady Timer

Well, I stared at it all weekend....thinking how far ahead I could be if I would do 15 minutes on the weekend. I did NOT do it on the weekend. Instead, my dear love of my life spent the entire weekend with me celebrating our 23rd anniversary!
He even went to garage sales and flea markets.....YAY ME!!
Here it is.
Here is the next section of the room.
REMINDER: I am only clearing it out...not sorting yet.
I will now have a bruise in a few days due to one of the table legs banging my ANKLE!! I post this here just so when I am trying to remember where the bruise came from, I can just look on here.
I forgot how much I liked my floor.

Have you done 15 minutes yet?
Remember you can post a link to it on one of my previous posts.

1 comment:

The Gaelic Wife said...

Looks great! I need to redo my Control Journal. I fell off the wagon over the summer.

Want to

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