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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

15 MINUTES: (Day 16, 17, 18) Office/Studio Makeover

I got the bottom cabinets!
We just got the pre-made ones at Lowe's to save on time and money!
We didn't have room for the upper cabinets...we will get them soon.
I did find out that our special order counter top....classic laminate is going
to take 3 weeks...sooooo, the painting can take it's time I guess...LOL.
I am painting the cabinets this lovely color....Gentle Wave by Valspar.


carolina nana said...

You go girl !!! I'll save my major clean-ups until late winter.
Have a blessed tomorrow.

Lindy said...

If I clean out my sewing room, will my sweetie buy me new cabinets, too? Jealous, so jealous...

Want to

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