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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Route 66 Tulsa, Oklahoma - A diversion from the Office/Studio Makeover...

Sorry I do not have an office/ studio update for you...I am waiting for the electrician to put in some extra plug-ins on one wall....
Soooo, I decided to show you what we did after going to take Regan for a reading proficiency test. In Oklahoma, before a child can get their driver's permit, they have to prove they can read on an 8th grade reading level.
If your child is in public school, they can just take it at school.
Since our child is homeschooled, we pay and take it at a community college.
I am happy to announce that Regan reads on a COLLEGE LEVEL!!
After the test, it was lunch and since we were in the area...well, actually nowhere near the area....we decided to make it a history lesson too.
Since we homeschool, we can do things like that....LEARNING NEVER STOPS!!

We headed to the original Route 66 area and ate lunch at Tally's Good Food Cafe.
See that guy?
He is Tally!
Tally is very nice and even offered to take a picture of our group....since we weren't doing too hot of a job by ourselves.

Here is Missy and Shelby....Shelby proved she can read too!!
Missy looks all relaxed here....but let me tell you this woman needs to get to Tulsa more often....or ride with me more often.....she stresses too much while in the car...or should I say RIDING in the car WITH ME!!!
You can't see it...but, if you look carefully at her right hand...I'll bet there is a door handle clutched in it....yah!

Just call me Traci Three Chins....ewww....I am only putting this on here because Missy is going to be calling me to say that she can't believe I actually put that pitiful picture of her on my blog.....which, it is NOT a pitiful picture!!!

Tally took this picture for us....I just thought he was some random guy that came out of the bathroom.
All I am thinking in this picture is....Did this guy wash his hands? I might have to sterilize my camera after this!

Oops, I almost forgot to get a picture of our FOOD!
I had the Monte Cristo...sue me if I didn't spell it right.
I didn't even see it on the menu....I just saw the people next to me getting one and it looks AWESOME!!
It was AWESOME...which you can tell since most of it is GONE!

Regan had the 4-Way chili!!!

Shelby had the chicken fried steak!
Missy had a cheeseburger but the skinny minny had it all gone before I could get a picture!
Why? Why? Why? Can skinny people eat like that and and not gain a pound?

Here are Kelsie and Erin.
Kelsie and Erin are from Connecticut.
There are in Tulsa for a horse show and doing quite well at it!
Of course I have to apologize to Kelsie and Erin because they picked the hottest time to come to Oklahoma...we were in a major heat wave.
They were very ready to get back to their COOLER state!
They even said they were tired of SOUTHERN COOKING!
You are forgiven Kelsie and Erin... :)
I hope you have a safe trip back home and thanks for letting me make you all famous and put you on my BLOG....'cause you know I am famous, right?
Look! Mr. Tally gave us one of his famous cinnamon rolls!!
That thing was the size of a small CAKE!! That is a BIG takeout container...big enough for a complete dinner!
Also, at this point, I need to thank Missy for buying our LUNCH!!!
You are sooooo sweet and I am sooo glad we are friends!!


carolina nana said...

Shame on you, it is 11:00 at night and you just made me very hungry !!!!!!
I want to get out to Oklahoma soon to see were one of my uncles lived or maybe the lake that supposedly now covers his ranch.
Have you ever visited Lake Oolagah?
Have a blessed tomorrow

Catch A Falling Star said...

Looks like you all had a great time!
I have never been to a 50's diner,can you believe that?!
There is supose to be a really great one about an hour away I believe.
Last week my dad and I were running across town together and I found one tucked away from major traffic.I don't know how long it's been there but I swore I would go there asap!

Want to

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