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Monday, February 16, 2009

21 Years of Marriage and He is Still HOT for Me!

When I was in college, I received financial aid. When one receives financial aid, one
has to take classes FULL TIME....at least that was what I had to do.
Anyone who has ever taken college courses knows how quickly classes can
fill up when you are an under class man.
This particular semester I needed one more class to fill the requirement.
There were NO CLASSES I needed for my degree.
So, I did the next logical thing.....I whipped out the course catalog and started
skimming for a class that met Tuesday and Thursday at NOON.
The ONLY class I found that was on a level I could get into and was actually NOT FULL was
Woohoo! I thought, "HOW EASY IS THIS GOING TO BE."
I'm already married....(1 year)....so, I would prance into that
class and be the student who "helped" all the other poor pitiful
SINGLE students UNDERSTAND marriage!
EASY "A"!!!
Well, to make a long story short....I went into the final w/ a "D".....yes, you read that right....
A BIG FAT "D"!!!
During my college career, I made TWO "C's" and all
the rest of my grades were "A's" and "B's".......I even made the
PRESIDENT's HONOR ROLL.....I'm not as think as you dumb I am!
I made a "C" in marriage!!!
I thought that meant I was a total FAILURE.....not fit to be a wife....
I couldn't be married if I couldn't pass a MARRIAGE class!
I was sick about that for WEEKS!
(Just to let you know, the other "C" was a science class where the professor, who was later fired, QUOTED speakers and put it on the test w/ FILL IN THE MISSING WORD BLANKS....HELLO....for an entire semester, we were supposed to remember EXACTLY what a speaker said?)
Well, all I have to say to that Marriage professor....who was probably DIVORCED and didn't tell us.....is NEENER, NEENER....I am still very happily married!
I am still very much in love!
I even ignore the little mistakes he makes when he writes....I honestly read it
exactly as it SHOULD have been written....it was our
daughter who pointed it out....you know the one....the PICKY one.
Well, after she has made it 21 years with the same guy, I'm sure she'll
understand how beautiful a simple letter in a card truly is.


jennykate77 said...

Awe!! So sweet!!!

Debbie said...

Oh, he is a keeper!

My Big Mouth said...

Aww,What a sweet post Traci!
I think maybe you should have teached that class after all.

Michele said...

Awwww Traci...he sounds so sweet! Happy Anniversary!


Chas said...

So that's what they mean by "finish each others sentences", huh? Congrats. 21 years if most certainly something worth celebrating.

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