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Thursday, February 5, 2009

We've Been Invaded!!!!

As you know, we have a pasture behind our house....it is SUPPOSED to
be a wheat field this time of year.....'cept it's not.
I was "informed" by my father-in-law that we did NOT
plant wheat this year. So, I guess I misinformed ya'll.
Right now, it is serving as a NESTING ground.....
for these lovely creatures....no, not shrews....they
are on my patio silly!!

I wonder if they will keep the cow away.....she might just sling her chain at them.
Scroll down some more posts to find out what cow I'm talking about.


Shabbywears said...

What a sweet blog! Thanks for the sweet comment! Yes... My stove works!
My daughter is in college at ORU in Tulsa! She loves OK! I want to make those cinnamon rolls MMMMMMMMMM Good! My husband would love those.

SaChay said...

They are Beautiful! Maybe you could keep a few and raise geese! lol

Kim said...

Good thing there is no wheat they would have it eat up.

Chas said...

Birds scare me, but especially geese. I'd be forced to move, or never leave my house again. At least not until spring, anyway.

The Vintage Housewife... said...

oh golly geese! wow take in the beauty...wow...thanks for swingin by...cat

Anonymous said...

Well - I wondered if you had realized the wheat would be green by now.....

Plus I didn't think Jim had planted wheat - so I was VERY confused as to what you might have planted out there!

How's Laura?


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Oh my! How incredibly beautiful they are. It's very rare to see something like that "here" unless I go to the zoo (lol). I did see a flock of ducks not to long ago though and we do have wild parrots :0)

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