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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Name is Traci, and I'm a Cinnamon Roll Virgin

Well, with a title like that, it should certainly make you look...huh.
I'm afraid of YEAST! Yeast is NOT my friend.
I WANT it to be my friend.
IT does NOT want to MY friend.

So, when I recently became the proud owner of a handmedown bread maker,
I decided I'm going to MAKE yeast like me!
Of course, I was going to start out with the basic bread loaf.
Then, I (after googling it and finding it to download because there wasn't one with it)
read the owner's manual, I was more intrigued with
I got all the ingredients together and let the little bread machine do the work
on the dough.
I read the instructions and formed beautiful cinnamon rolls.
I even BRAVED putting them in the refrigerator OVERNIGHT BEFORE COOKING!
Here they are......yes, they tasted good!
Now trust me when I tell you I fully expected them to be
hard as hockey pucks.

They were actually GOOD.....I'm sure a cinnamon roll PRO
could do much better....but hey, I think YEAST is beginning
to warm up to me!!!!
I need to make more glaze next time......


Liisa said...

Yeast used to hate me too...I could not make a loaf of bread or anything else that called for yeast. Everything turned out just plain awful!

However thanks to my glorious bread maker I can make all kinds of bread and have even sucessfully made yummy bread sticks without the machine! Miraculous - really!


Chas said...

That looks soooo yummy. Yeast doesn't hate me, it just scares me. I'm a cinnamon roll virgin, too, but since I seem to be on a perpetual diet, I need to be content living vicariously through your yummy looking pictures.

My Big Mouth said...

I have made homemade cinnamon rolls before and its fun.The only thing I hate,when I crave them,it takes too long to make them.The refrigerated kind on the other hand can be made within 30 mins(including preheating the oven)and I'm so impatient lol.

Misty said...

Mmmmm...and I am not usually much for cinnamon rolls. I have a friend/mentor at church who is not only a carpenter - you should see the beautiful furniture this woman builds - but she is also an AMAZING baker...she is pretty much famous in certain circles in our church! :o) Her cinnamon rolls are to DIE for and I have the recipe. I'll have to get it to you some time.

Anyway...ho did you do your header and sig line - do you have to have a fancy shmancy program for that? I wanna do those on my blog but I don't know how...I need a teacher! :o)

Be well and I'll look for more yummy pics soon!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

OH, those look so goooood! I'm glad yeast is giving you a chance to be it's friend :0)

Julie said...

When are you bring some to Sunday School. I think I could eat those for breakfast and not get sick.

Anonymous said...

your inlaws like Cinnamon Rolls too

Debbie said...

Oh, congrats on the bread machine...I loved mine when we had it!! My favorite two recipes that I used over and over that you might enjoy are on Allrecipes.com-look for Best Bread Machine Bread and Jo's Rosemary Bread (oh, it smells so good while baking!). The Best Bread Machine Bread sort of falls on the top-just a bit, but it is really a great tasting bread!!

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