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Monday, February 9, 2009

Do People Actually Use Show Sticks When They Show LAMBS?

Show stick? I think that is really broom handle!
The guy in yellow is Dale G., and he raises
show lambs. Unfortunately, I didn't get
a picture of WHY he had a halter on that
For some reason, he expects his children to be
able to show a lamb with NO HALTER and certainly NO SHOW STICK.
Now, when it was Dale's turn to show, he just couldn't keep
the little bugger from escaping and trying to head
for the nearby park.
SO, he ended up using a halter....and since there is a halter,
it is sort of like the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie".

This part of the show was all in fun to raise funds.
Grown men and women got to strut their stuff in
the showring because someone PAID to get them
in there. If they opted out, they would have to
PAY to get out of showing.....
well, we all know Aggies are TIGHTWADS...so,
there was a full ring.
I did notice that my hubby conveniently had to
check that the trashes and empty them during this part of the show.
Hmmmmmm, I think he was AFRAID of the little lambs.......
Also, I want to make a note to Carol, wife of Dale, I'm mad at you for not
You'd better have a good reason to not travel to our town to visit us!!!


Liz said...

Wow! This is fascinating! Loved this post, loved those little lambs. Ok, they're not that little. But still adorable. :)

Dennis & Summer Rains said...

That's why I like pigs! I discovered that sheep are freakishly strong, halters are a must!

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