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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...I'm making MINE SWEET!

Yummy sugar cookies....I used Farm Chick's RECIPE.
They were AWESOME!!!
The rolling pin is my grandmother's....she would have
been turning 96 this year! Unfortunately, she passed away
in 1999.
I love being able to still have her near and dear to my
heart when I get to use items that she used herself.
I used the HEART cookie cutter....duh!
I didn't use the biggest one I had either....and these things
come out as big as my hand!

The house is smelling good now......

I added just a touch of lemon to the frosting to give
it a kick. I did NOT get to use the Farm Chick's frosting
recipe because I was too lazy to drag out the Kitchen Aid
again to whip the butter....I know, hanging my head in shame.
If you haven't used the professional coloring for frosting....and
are still using the squeeze bottle kind....STOP and go get
the professional coloring....it has such a bright color and
your hand doesn't cramp up trying to squirt 1,345,000 drops
to get the red to look RED.
It is a paste and a dab'll do it!!!


Now, I'm going to go get all dressed up and let my hubs take
me on a very romantic and costly date....because he loves
me like that.
Hmmmm, to wear hair straight or do the vintage curl.....
to wear a dress or be a little more casual.....
to wear my sexy....oh, oops, am I still online?


Farmchick said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I am glad you liked my recipe! Now don't eat too many cookies and then blame it on me!! :)

Carmen said...

What a cute blog with a homey welcome! Your valentine cookies look DELICIOUS!!!! I'm hungry now, lol! Have a lovely day!

Vintage Kitten said...

Ooh your cookies look fabulous. What lovely history there must be behind your Grandmothers rolling pin. X

jennykate77 said...

The sugar cookies look YUMM-o! Hope you guys had a very fun and romantic Valentine's Day!!

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