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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meet My Roomba!

I've had numerous inquiries about my Roomba...or aka, IROBOT.
What is a ROOMBA you ask?
The Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner made and sold by iRobot. The Roomba was introduced in 2002; several updates and new models have since been released. As of January 2008[update], over 2.5 million units have been sold.

This is an eye-level view.....think of it as a ROOMBA view.
I have wood floors or tile throughout the entire house.
I have various rugs but no carpet.
If any of my TWO readers out there have wood floors, then you know what I
mean when I say DUST FACTOR!
I LOVE my wood floors.....I just hate the layer of dust that seems to
NEVER go away!
(It just makes my toenails start curling back to think of all the NASTY
stuff that was embedded in my carpet in my previous home)
No wonder I had such severe allergies.

When we built this house, we decided to go with the wood floors.
I figured if my rugs got nasty, I could just toss them and get new ones....
on clearance of course.

When you put your ROOMBA to work, you must keep him confined to
ONE room or he will work himself to death and never really
accomplish much.
If you play it right, he will do his job and go back to his "home" when he
is finished so he can recharge....I like to call this a NAP!
You are looking at my ROOMBA heading back to his home.....

If you treat him right, he'll pop out of his home in the a.m. after you've left for work or wherever....do his job and be back in his home and fully charged for another cleaning.
Then, when you return, you can put him to work in another room...after you clean
the trap and filter of course.
(This means that you can SCHEDULE times for him to start cleaning...you don't have to be there)
He comes with two virtual walls...don't ask me about these....
I find just putting pillows, chairs, etc...does the same job...to keep
him in a certain area.

You just want to make sure all items that can be sucked up into the ROOMBA are picked up...such as IPOD earbuds, SOCKS, apron strings.....don't ask me how I know this.
Should ROOMBA find this type of stuff.....he will DIE ON THE SPOT!
Now, mind you, if that spot happens to be in a closet, under the clothes in the VERY BACK
dark corner.....it may take you awhile to find him.
There is NO LOCATOR...which is something I wish they would add.
That is why it is easier to make sure you secure the room before putting him
to work.
My very nervous dog doesn't seem to be bothered by ROOMBA's presence.
He does NOT eat feet either....he will lightly tap and turn. I was expecting it to
feel like the shopping cart when it clips my ankles....it does not.

I hear they even make cute costumes for this thing.
I however will not buy one because....
I'm too cheap!

Once he makes it home....he even does the CHARGE music....dat dat dat da.....CHARGE!!!
It is funny that I refer to ROOMBA as a HIM....when he has a
very feminine voice when I need to take action such as cleaning the brushes because
they have an IPOD earbud in them.....or something like that.

If I use ROOMBA faithfully.....in a room a day.....the
dust level on the wood floors has decreased DRAMATICALLY!
If you have any questions, just leave me a comment.
A ROOMBA is NOT cheap....however, mine was a handmedown...because
on carpet and with hairy dogs....he is NOT GOOD.
I did find one on www.craigslist.com for about $175.00.


Angelena said...

Thanks for posting about the roomba. We too have hardwood floors and tile throughout the house and I often wondered about them. The layer of fine dust drives me crazy too!! lol

Chas said...

We also have hardwood floors, but we have a German Shepherd who sheds mini poodles full of hair daily. How is the Roomba on Hardwood floors with Dog hair? I've often wondered how it does with the dog hair.

Traci said...

Chas....I think on the wood floors it would do fine....just as long as it is a smaller area....you might have to empty it more often. My dog is short haired...but boy does she shed! On another note, your GS might think it is a toy....ba haaaaaa.

SaChay said...

I have wanted one of these for a while now. I have dark wood floors in the living room and hall, I know what you mean about the DUST FACTOR! Plus I have dogs, two of them have long white hair!!! Every hair shows up on my dark floors! lol I would like to have one of versions for pet hair!

Mama Koch said...

I think my living/dining/kitchen would love one of these! Dusty bunnies are what I have.

jennykate77 said...

So, I have wood floors, but I also have a hairy dog...would he work for me? I really need some assistance, b/c I feel like I sweep the floors daily...and it gets on my nerves! However, my granny really could benefit from one of these. I may have to maintain it for her, but it would be a huge help! Hmmmm. I may have to look into one.

50s Housewife said...

I always wondered about those things. I have carpet (unfortunately) so he wouldn't work too well at my house. :)

By the way, thanks for the door idea. You are so smart!

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