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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I ♥ Knitting....on a LOOM!

This is what we did at the retreat in our spare time.....learned to knit.
We will make prayer shawls to be used in missions!
Most of them started by making a scarf....then they can
move on to bigger stuff.....
Take a good look at this woman....this is BARBIE. See that little thing she knitted?
Well, I'll bet that is as far as she will EVER get on that thing.....because....
she was introduced to the CIRCLE LOOM! A circle loom doesn't require too much
thought process.....now, I'm not saying that she hasn't a brain.....her brain
is just ALWAYS on OVERLOAD! In one day, she pretty much had a full
scarf made!
I, too, am a knitting with needles FLUNKY!!! Does anyone want to join
our knitters anonymous group? You are not allowed to SAY YOUR NAME....you
must KNIT it...ba haaaaaa
Some of the women even looked as if they grew extra arms......

See the lady in the back?
That is LINDA....she is LEFT HANDED!
WOOHOOOOOO, I got to TEACH SOMEONE to KNIT on the loom....
We lefties have our own way of doing things......I LOVE YOU LINDA!!

LEFTY LINDA.....awwww, I like that name!
Notice you will not see anymore people I got to teach.....
sniff, sniff, there were no more lefties.....and if there were....
they stayed hidden....maybe I SKEERED them!

Melissa needed an Inspector Gadget Arm here........
the bi-focals ARE TOO CLOSE!!!

Still determined......Barbie.....poor Barbie......sort of reminded
me of the little engine that could......

Here are the QUEENS of KNITTING....
I think they might have their own group.....
and they knit CROWNS....yep, THEY ARE THE QUEENS!!!

Some even learned to make wash cloths.......

Looks like she is knitting a Wal-Mart pattern doesn't it?
She is REALLY trying to make a SOCK.....how'd it turn out
for you LAURA?

Melissa is still going at it......

A dazed stupor......

Pooooor Barbie.....still going......I think I can, I think I can.....

Yep, the LOOM....that's where it's at.....of course, I can say
all this because I am a knitting FLUNKY....remember?
I'm too ADD to knit and count...sheesh....then I couldn't
talk.....and much less....put it down to use my hands to talk.

Looks sort of like surgery, doesn't it? I wonder how many
Dr.'s knit?

There's my LEFTY LINDA!!! Notice the LEFT HAND IS WORKING!!!
It was a great retreat...and I can't wait til everyone comes back next year
with a shawl.....
We are thinking we might take up bungee jumping next year....maybe we'll
have to get up so HIGH that our cell phones will work......
NAHHHHH....it was nice w/out them!!
Thanks to all who participated.....I came home refreshed and blessed!!!


LisaJanelle said...

Oh my goodness...I love this idea...I just am learning to knit also from a fellow blogger online that is helping me!..I am like Barbie though I think...I keep saying to myself I think I can I think I can...My first project is a washcloth and I've ripped it out and started over like millions of times just because I want perfect..I should know by know it is the imperfections that make it unique lol :) Anywho...I wish I could be among the funsters...How fun it would be!....Thanks for letting me see your fun.


Anonymous said...

This looks like tons of fun, now i wanna go get out my loom! I have been knitting (needle knitting) since i was bout 10. i have been looming for about 2 years ( 14yrs old) I am in love with al sorts of crafting. So your left handed? My sister is a lefty and i cant seem to teach her how to knit...Have a good weekend

My Big Mouth said...

I always wanted to learn to knit.My mom is a whiz at it!I bought those huge/fat Bamboo needles(which I love)and mom taught me.As nice as it is,its just too hard an effort with too little to show for it.I prefer crochet,altho I'm not a big crocheter.I do make something from time to time.Now,the knitting looms are a Godsend.I LOVE THEM!
I have all 4 size circles and the rectangle(purple).Plus I purchased the itty bitty round loom(makes a rope basically) for my youngest to make stuff with.She had made one in school using the cardboard toilet paper holder and 4 popsicle sticks.

Misty said...

How fun! You'll have to teach me...but I'm not a lefty. Hubby is - does THAT count? :o)

We have a Women's Retreat at least once a year at our church...I have never been. I'd love to, but jsut don't have the funds...they do some great stuff. Maybe I'll be able to go next year. In the meanwhile, I have TONS of fun AT the church with all my great friends there. I LOVE my church...have I mentioned that before? :o)

Glad you have a great group of ladies to enjoy as well...and thanks for your prayers for Chuy...and our finances...and my sanity. (My husband especially appreciates it! :o)

Kim said...

I like Barbies Polka dotted pants
;0 Looks like you ladies had fun.

Want to

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