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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a P.O.O.P.I.E. Party!!!

People Opposing Objectionable Pretend plants In the Environment
Here is the link to THE NESTER, who is hosting the party!

This all spawned from an HGTV thing where it is a definite NO-NO to have FAKE plants and flowers in the home. I'm thinking a FLORIST sponsored that show....what do you think? Anyhow, people are posting their "FAKES" to show the world......more like sticking out our tongues.....

Here is my FAKE and proud of it. This is an ORIGINAL by Donna McIntosh.....WHAT? You have no idea who Donna McIntosh is? How could this be? She is one of the most creative women in the POOPIE industry.....


Bella Casa said...

That's very pretty :)

So nice to meet you,

fly baby in OKC said...

This is great - I love it! Maybe I should get some fakes (PLANTS! :o) - I kill all the real ones! Maybe then I can join the next P.O.O.P.I.E. pary! :o)

Liz said...

This is too funny! I have a big arrangement of fake geraniums in my dining area... and I'm keeping them! :)

The Nester said...

Yes! A florist probably paid for the whole show! so funny!

go relink on my blog with a link directly to this post! Love you!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I'm with you...I love it! And it's for perfect for Fall.

Thank you for stopping by with your kind comments about my daughter's french walls. You just wouldn't believe how easy stenciling is. : )


new every morning said...

So pretty! I love the tall bird house in the middle!

Erin said...

You are one funny gal! Thanks for checking out my POOPIE link on my blog today--you're comment just CRACKED me up! Love your blog!

Astrid said...

I think that arrangement is very pretty! I too like the tall bird house coming up out of the middle. Definitely makes it more interesting!

I also have a woodstove. How do you decorate for Christmas without a mantle? (or do you have one and I just didn't see it?)

Liisa said...

My green thumb is black - I bring the kiss of death to every plant I have ever touched so I love artificial ones. I have 8!


Joy said...

Those HGTV people have started something that I don't agree with. Honestly, there are certainly worse decorating mistakes than fake flowers. Do they not watch their own shows and see their own designers using fakes all of the time.
I personally like fakes. They're much easier to take care of. Of course if I had the money the HGTV people have, I'd probably turn my nose up at fakes too.
Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. And tell you that I like your arrangement. It looks great.

Kim said...

From a former floral designer keep up the fake flowers, I think they look great and are a whole lot cleaner.

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