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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Remember that Grand Champion Goat?

The Grand Champion Goat at the county, won Reserve Grand Champion goat at one of the state fairs!

This is Regan with the judge.

This is what we do after we are done showing and waiting until we can take the animals home....we wait.......we wait some more.....
Even the animals get tired of waiting and look just as bored.....

We had to hang around for the sale....this is what we used to "lure" a buyer for her goat.....HALLOWEEN CANDY!!!

This is a random picture of JUST KIDDIN FARMS owners, Bryan and Amanda Beshear. Make sure you go check out their prize winning goats and also their adorable daughter, Paisley....isn't that the most precious name? Yep, that is Bryan in a PINK shirt....if you click on the picture, you can read it.

This is Regan with her buyers at the auction....Fowler Cattle and Showin Kidds Goat Camp....yep, the candy worked. She got $10 a pound for her goat. Did I mention that this is the first year for the goats to be allowed to show at this fair. Only TWO goats made the sale......Regan was the 2nd goat!!!

Proud mama and goat.....SAY CHEESE!!!!


Sandra Evertson said...

Adorable photo!

kenziekylanmom said...

That's such a cute photo...mama and goat!

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