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Friday, April 30, 2010

I am Getting a TRICKED OUT Name Tag!

I have a friend who says I remind him of FLO, from the Progressive Insurance commercials. He (he being the one I can't put pictures of on here anymore due to someone might RECOGNIZE him...hint, he did my spoons on my cabinets) said the one where she has the tricked out name tag....
So, Magpie Ethel made me one!!
I sent her a picture....she altered her stuff and TA DAHHH..
I now have a tricked out name tag!
Thanks, Magpie Ethel!
Stop by and take a look at her BLOG or even her ETSY shop.
Oh, and don't forget to drool over her fridge and stove....I stop by just to say hi to them...the fridge and the stove, yes, you read that correctly.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Homeschool Prom Time!

For some reason, when I mention homeschool most people will say, "Oh, the homeschoolers I know are really backwards, but not your children."
Well, we represent homeschoolers too. Some public school people I meet are really weird too....SO?
Some are shocked that we actually even have a prom...and NO, it isn't at a home, although nobody would mind if it were in a home. I just don't think there are very many homes big enough for all the homeschoolers who go to the prom.
This is Sydni's friend, Anna, who is a public school student. She chose this prom over her own prom....

We homeschool because it is right for OUR family...we don't expect everyone to like it or try it. We are simply following our hearts....
This journey of the Homeschool Prom will be Sydni's last one....sniff, sniff.

Then she gets to hit the road and choose a path hopefully guided by God.
Enjoy your prom Sydni. I've enjoyed capturing your senior year memories.
I love you!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vintage Tulsa Show...Look at the Goodies!!!

I know, you think he looks like Santa, right?
Well, he IS Santa!
He is THE Santa in the Dallas Christmas Parade!
He sold my sister a ring only because he checked his list twice....
This was supposed to be a picture of a really cute hat...
When I went back to take a picture and possibly buy the hat...
IT WAS GONE.... :'(

Love, Love, LOVE this couch!!
$245.00....oh wish I had the money!

Giant Beverly Hillbillies toy....look at the lunchboxes to compare the size.

Can you guess who these are?

I really wanted this dress too....instead I bought a strapless wedding dress for Sydni to take some more pics in.....oh to sacrifice for my children....

Yep, thought this looked smashing with my rootin' tootin' boots!!!
I'm afraid to think of what the guy behind me was thinking....

Oh! Did you say you wanted to see my boots?

Look at the stuff in this booth!!!

Yah! So the dog didn't like me very much....

I could make some fancy shmancy malts with one of these things...

Terri found a quilt...really, I was trying to get a picture of the TABLE...oh that glorious table....Terri just happened to get in the way....

I am a fan of vintage fans THAT WORK!!!
I have an awesome yellow one that I got at this show!

I really think this lady had some of the best prices at her booth.
Some of the booths were way out of my league, but overall, they were
really reasonable.

Yep, can you see my drool stains on that pew?
I think that baby picture of Northern Toilet Paper babies would
look awesome over a crib!

Thanks for stopping by to see the Tulsa Vintage Show tour....
They have a Facebook page if you want to know more about it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

These Girls Were FRAMED!

We had to take advantage of a day with a small amount of wind sweeping down the plains!
These girls are graduating this year.....Carlye, Madeline & Sydni.
They have been friends FOREVER!
It won't be much longer and they will be parting paths....

Remember this girl? She is the one that went on the college tour with us...
Yah, the one that I couldn't get a good picture of because
she and Sydni were being so silly....yah, that girl.
Guess what?
I got some good pictures of her!

This is Sydni's bike she got for Christmas....it hasn't been out of her bedroom until the day we shot these pictures. She was afraid it would get DIRTY!

I can't believe they are ready to head out into the big ole world.....
May God guide your every step....
I love you,
Mom Traci

What Do You Do When You See a GIANT Wurlitzer on the Side of the Road?

You stop and try to play some MUSIC!!
This is Angel's Diner in McAlester, OK.
It is right on Highway 69, just south of town.

We've passed this place numerous times and I FINALLY
talked the old man into stopping.....starving him all day might have sealed the deal.
Why am I making this face in the below picture?
Because 2 minutes before, I tried to move the statue and take a picture with my good friend Marilyn.....and just the thought made Elvis LOSE his head!
I mean the head was broken and someone discretely put it back on the stand....until I TRIED TO MOVE IT....
Oh, and the waitress said they didn't know it was broken either....glad they didn't blame me!
Even the napkin dispensers were retro....

Elvis sang to my mother......
She lost control and had to KISS HIM!

The menu even had the jukebox on it....
Look at the neat menu items....
FRIED EGG SANDWICH....oh yes, and FRIED Green Tomatoes....
Yah, so the kids weren't as thrilled for some reason....
They just wanted FOOD!!!
I hear the motel that sets behind this restaurant is styled in the same manner....Elvis rooms, etc.....hmmm....how do I get my LOVE OF MY LIFE to take me to there?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Homemade Fire Pit for Practically NOTHING

For at least 2 years, I've been pestering my husband to make a simple fire pit in the backyard. I just wanted to sit around a fire in the cool evenings and RELAX.

Our backyard faces the west and we see some beautiful sunsets.

Back in November, we visited a cousin who had a simple one in their backyard.

This finally inspired my husband!

I knew I needed an edge in the ground or our lovely dogs would think we just started a hole for them to continue until they found China.

My husband can weld, so he checked prices of metal.....OUCH!

So, I did the next best redneck thing.....TRACTOR WHEEL!

Thanks to Dennis for finding us a super cheap ($24.00) NEW rim....hee hee...heard it even has a warranty. Think if it burns, it will count in the warranty?

We live near a lake. People who build their homes near the lake have ROCKS...a lot of rocks free for the picking.

So, we headed to the nearest "pick your own" rocks place...aka Shorty and Angie's and picked our rocks.

I really need to start drawing my ideas, because no one really understood how simple I was trying to make this fire pit. They thought I was going to make an elaborate patio of rocks.....I THINK NOT!

They thought we wanted BOULDERS...which they would have gladly supplied.

I just wanted platter sized rocks to "hide" the redneck tractor rim that was sticking up out of the ground.

Did I mention that we pretty much dug the hole deep enough to fit TWO rims in?

So, we got to add the dirt back.

We have had terrible wind conditions lately.....we had to seize the moment of no wind before we could start a fire!

We left a birthday party early just so we could rush home and see if the fire pit would work....


We made S'mores!


Want to

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