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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Digital" Wreath for Halloween

I am trying to get my "spook" on....
Black wreath, orange hatchet, bloody fingers.
Did it scare you?
I wonder what the UPS man will think?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do They Make Prozac Salt-Licks?

I certainly could have used one.
Meet Reece and Trina.
They were married October 1, 2011.

Not breaking with tradition, I got them in
a picture together.
These pictures were taken at the wedding...which just
so happened to be their newly built home.
They moved their belongings in the week of the wedding....
and planned and prepared the wedding itself.

There are floor to ceiling windows on the west side.
The wedding was in the evening....just
right for getting that wonderful lighting.

She had a beautiful dress.
I needed some strong drugs to calm my nerves.
Did I mention, this is my first wedding to
Yah, is it possible for the photographer to be
more nervous than the bride?
I. Think. So.

Once again, using the lighting from those wonderful

Her daughter was so precious.
She wants to be just like her mommy.

Should I tell you she is really standing
in a bathtub here?

The wedding party.

Another reason I love Pinterest.
I've seen a few of these shots with the "ATTACK
of the GIANT FOOT".
I need to practice it more so I know exactly how to get the
wedding party more focused....but, I think
it still turned out cute.

A sweet moment after the wedding.

Yep, the window lighting again.....
I do like the different textures in lighting...call me weird.

Time to relax and get back to the party.


Another shot of the wedding party.
She watched the season ending of The Bachelor, and got the
idea for the driftwood for the wedding "stage".
I still have numerous more pictures to edit.....these
are my favorites so far.
Thanks Reece and Trina for getting ME outta my box
and trusting me with your most special day.  :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

...And Then I Went on a Shooting Spree at a Wedding....

Well, I did it.
I climbed out of my comfort zoned box
and photographed a wedding.
I only had to use ONE Prozac Salt-Lick.
It was quite possibly the scariest thing I've done....

Saturday, October 1, 2011


One of my favorite bloggers has become an author and
is having a giveaway of her first book!!  I am promoting it here in
hopes that more people will get her book....and also
I can possibly WIN a free book.
OK, you can too....just click the picture and read all about it.
She is a great writer and her book is about her life.

Just click the picture and you shall be whisked away to her bloggity blog.
You can even tell her I sent you if you choose.  ;)


Want to

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