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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A New Old Music Group

Oh boy, have I found a great new music group. You can hear them on my playlist.
They are a mix of old and new.
Go check out their site.
Too bad they aren't going to come to Oklahoma!!!
I would have so much fun dressing in my vintage clothes to go see them.
They even sing Walk Like an Egyptian....the 80's song!!!
They also have several videos on Youtube.

So, tell me what you think......

Friday, January 30, 2009

What is this???

This was running around on our patio yesterday morning....I know it looks big, it is really not much bigger than a cottonball. It moved too fast for my camera and this is the best picture I could get.
I say it is a baby MOLE.
Hubby thinks it is a mouse.
Ok, it has NO TAIL (well, a tiny bit of a tail) and NO EARS!

Who is right?

Edited to add MY EVIDENCE:

When I was trapping for field mice, I often caught shrews - Short-tailed shrews and Blarina brevicauda – the only venomous mammal in the world.

Ken Catania, of Vanderbilt University, studies moles and their feeding behavior. I attended his presentation at the ISBE Conference and I was mesmerized. It was the best science talk, ever. These guys are so fast Dr. Catania has to doctor-up his high speed cameras to catch these guys in action. A mole or a shrew can attack and consume a prey (earthworms) in less than a fraction of a second. Ooh, I have to share the earthworm stuff, too, but later.

EWWWWW, it was a SHREW......where's my gun????

We were both wrong!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Below is a picture of my husband's parents, Charles and Bonnie, at one of their proms.
I'm sure I'll get the year as soon as Charles aka FIL reads this....because he
is my #1 fan don't you know.
I'm guessing it is 1955 since she is one year older than him and I'm not sure if
he could have taken her to his prom seeing that she had already graduated....I know they'll correct me if I'm wrong.
Can you guess which couple are the proud in-laws of ME?
Ok, did you guess correctly?
And did you happen to notice that I'm getting better with the PAINT program?
I didn't have the little goof up white box.....I even used COLOR...I think of pink when I
think of 50's proms....do you?
I wonder what they would think if they attended a prom today.
Look, do you see any plastic there? I think NOT!!!
They even had LIGHTED candles....I think nowadays, that
would encourage a FIRE or something....then a lawsuit...sort of
like the HOT COFFEE and McDonald's incident.

Make sure you head on over and check out other vintage posts.

Wedding Party (BIRTHDAY)

Two are my daughters and two are my nieces.
I'll just say that the YOUNGEST in this pictures is now DRIVING!!!

When my oldest turned 6, we had a WEDDING PARTY.
We found the tea length dress at a consignment shop for $8.00.
When we started altering it, we discovered it REALLY was a wedding dress,
because birdseed started falling out of the folds.
We originally thought it was a prom dress.
We rented a ballet studio for $20.00 (We had connections)
We made invitations that looked like wedding invitations (note, this was long before the ease of finding them at Hobby Lobby).
The girls all wore their "best" wedding dresses.
When the girls arrived, they of course signed the GUEST BOOK.
They got their make-up and nails done.
They made bouquets. (Dollar Tree is amazing for this one)
They decorated boxes to take home their goodies in.
They fished in a punchbowl full of BIRDSEED for engagement and wedding rings.
They played Pin the BOW TIE on the Groom.
(Just a wall hanging of a cartoon boy)
We had wedding cake and punch.
The surprise that I didn't expect, was that the girls actually brought gifts wrapped in wedding paper!
Oh, and each girl took home instant pictures...remember those?....of
the WEDDING PARTY and one of them with "THE BRIDE".

The whole party was less than $70.00!!!

It was simple and CHEAP.
The memories will last forever!

I often wonder how expensive it would be today to pull this off....since there are so many items marketed just for these types of parties for children. You know, one MUST HAVE the "made just for their size" stuff.....ick.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Simple House......

Thanks to my Father-In-Law, I am able to give you the view of my house with the recent rain,sleet, ice.....

Yes, they get to stare at our house....I call him my "other" watchdog. Actually meaner than a real dog, he can use a GUN!!! :)

I know, my house is plain.....I LIKE it that way....was much cheaper to build and I used the extra money for the pretties on the inside.

If you look really close, you'll see that there is smoke from the woodburning stove...yep, started that puppy at 4:00 AM!

Also, you will also note that there is NO PILLOW on the rocking chair....THE DOG FINALLY WON.

Oh, and on a side note.....it was not poor Bubba that was stealing the pillow....may he rest in peace....he was hit by a car and we didn't find him until it was too late. After he was gone, my pillow KEPT DISAPPEARING.....so, I figured it was either his ghost or another culprit.

It was another culprit.....his name is RASCAL

If you want to know who Bubba was.... CLICK HERE.

Poor Bubba, just climbed in the chair and used the pillow....he didn't take it and run with it like I thought......feeling sooooo guilty.....

This is RASCAL....he looks small, but is really a small HORSE!!! He does NOT fit on the stupid pillow...sheesh.....see, he is ON THE PILLOW!!! He started out small....just moving the pillow off the chair....then around the house....then out in the field....now, almost to my in-laws house....SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Come See My Last 6 or So Posts

I've been having trouble with my posts being updated on other bloggers sites.....most are showing I haven't updated in THREE WEEKS. Well, if you know me, you know that has to be WRONG. I think I got it fixed.....so, if you haven't been here in a while, make sure you scroll down and read my last 6 or so posts!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

How Much Wheat Can ONE Cow Eat?

We've had a regular guest in our field behind the house for quite
a bit now.
She belongs down the street...beyond that house in the background.
For some reason, she thinks the grass, er, uh...wheat is greener
over here.
Well, as you can see THERE IS NO GREEN....

Some days, she'll be there, some days....she is NOT there.

Yes, I know it looks like she is about to charge me...
actually, I'm really far away from her.....my camera is just
THAT good.....it just LOOKS like I'm within charging

Once she discovered me, she decided eating was
not the ideal thing to be doing.

What is THAT?
Um, little miss cow who doesn't belong in our field....
that would be YOUR SHADOW!!!

....and no matter how fast your chase it,
you will NEVER catch it.

Although you look like you might just get it.....

Why don't you just chase it right back to your pasture or pen......

(That barn in the background is her "home")
Bye bye miss cow who doesn't belong in our field....
I don't blame you one bit for breaking free....

I would protest too if someone put a chain in my nose!!!
Just call it cow bling!
(Please don't send me hate comments, this is NOT our cow and we
can't catch her)
The weird white mark on the bottom of the last picture is my
"teach myself how to use the PAINT program and
still can't figure out how to UNDO"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sneak Peek at Barn Wedding

I got to take wedding pictures for the sister of a dear friend.

It was an old fashioned barn wedding.

Yes, it was very cold.

I also had to take pics while scaling a fence

and having the family HORSE chewing on my leg!!

It was a very lovely wedding and a beautiful couple!!!

Please remember, I am NOT a professional....I don't

claim to be one....I just like taking pictures.

January 24, 2009

Thrift Store Goodness

I got a tiny bit of free time yesterday to take a jaunt by my favorite stores in town.

I only found a few things.

I have a few more I might go back to get...including an antique round end table for my night stand.
Similar to this one.

It was 20% off $35.00....let's do the math shall we?

10% of $35.00 is $3.50 and 20% is times 2....

$35.00 minus $7.00 is $28.00 plus tax.

Since my dear hubby got me a gift card for Christmas...it won't be an out of pocket money! {insert smile}
Instead of the beautiful table...here is what I found.

I found this little cutie at Clark's Thrift Store.

I'm almost 100% sure it is homemade and never used.

It was probably very lovingly made for a teenager who didn't appreciate the

sheer delightfulness of color and love that went into

the making of this beauty.

Just look at the bright sunshiney colors....can you just SMELL spring?

70's colors w/ a 21st century punch......

Who wouldn't want this purse?

I might use it for my camera....or my latest knitting project....which is really a LOOM project...seeing how Traci has NO IDEA how to actually knit.

Believe me when I tell you I've tried.....can ADD people actually knit?

I like the loom because I don't have to count.....oh no, neither could my widget....

Does that mean someone will discard me?

(If you have no idea what I just said, please CLICK HERE)

Can you put a price tag on a homemade with love gift?

I think I would probably eat a lot of chocolate, drink a bottle of wine, and crawl into my bed if I ever saw one of my creations just thrown away and

end up in a thrift store......especially if I MADE it for someone!

Thank GOD for us THRIFTERS who take these little orphans in and

show them the love they deserve!!




Oh, and don't forget to leave me some comment love.....

I don't want to feel like a blogger throw away....

Friday, January 23, 2009


Some of you may have noticed that I took off the widget that proudly displayed the names of my top commenters.
I did NOT do it because I thought I wasn't getting enough comments.
I did NOT do it because I was afraid some weirdo might stalk my friends.
I simply did it because it cannot count!!!
I have suspected it had some sort of learning disability with numbers for quite some time.
For some reason, it doesn't know how to go higher than the number 34!
Then it would play mind games like REVERSING numbers.....or slipping backward a few numbers.
Plus, it couldn't even recognize a 10!
So, good by non-working widget.....I'll replace you with a bigger and better widget.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Which Sign Do You Like Better?

Do you like this sign for my banner or the one that I already have?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Feeding Our Little Friends

Dear HUBBY, are you reading this POST?

Yes, this is ON my back patio. I do NOT NOT NOT NOT have bird feeders!
I must resort to walking out each morning and pouring a cup of birdseed out for the little buggers.
They got an extra treat with the apples that were going bad.
Normally I give the fruit to our chickens. The chickens got the oranges.

While doing our school work this morning....we were able to take time to smell the roses...oops, that is for another day and time....we were able to watch the birdies.

Can you spot the Cardinal?
Is this a meadowlark? We are going to look them up in the bird field guide.

Awwww, soooo cute.
The apple of my eye!!!

Go ahead, get rid of the bugs before we bring the wood into the house!
Yesterday, there was a beautiful woodpecker on the woodpile.
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take a picture.

Take time today to enjoy the little things God has created just for your pleasure.

Want to

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