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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Menu Monday

Summer meals take their toll on me...for some reason, it is so much easier to do cool weather meals. So, I am getting back to planning our weekly meals and posting them. I normally plan them anyway, just don't post them...or at least I haven't been. I am hoping dear husband is saving a calf for us to fatten since we sold daughter's show steer.....we are about out of BEEF!!!

MONDAY - Chicken Salad Sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit

TUESDAY - Roast, potatoes, carrots, fresh fruit

WEDNESDAY - Beef fajitas from the leftover roast, refried beans, salsa

THURSDAY - Chicken pot pie

FRIDAY - BLT's, chips, pickles


SUNDAY - Grilled pork steak, pepper poppers, corn on cob, squash patties ( I will do a tutorial for the squash patties and post it)

For other great menus and recipes, click the button at the top and don't do it unless you have A LOT of time because there are HUNDREDS!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

More of the Primitive House Tour.....

More of the tour of Donna's House...scroll down to see more of it.
I am having to do this in several posts, so make sure you check back to see more of it.
I have no idea what color the stove used to be, like I said before, she changes EVERYTHING.
Looks real, but is FAKE....and just sets on the floor by the table!

Love this!!!

More fakeness!! Did you notice the RING BELL FOR SERVICE?

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Primitive Post ALERT!!! Must. See. This. House.

Meet Donna.
Donna is on the bottom left.
If you were to meet Donna, you would never think she is a gifted artist because she is so humble.
Donna has so many talents.
I'm going to show you one of her talents over several posts.
One talent she has is making a home look like a magazine picture!

Below is Donna's kitchen.
Take a good look because the next time you see it, she will have totally transformed it. I mean seriously, this lady could have a blog JUST OF HER HOUSE and no two pics of the room would look the same!
She is constantly changing things.
This view is from the other side of the kitchen.
Enjoy these whole room shots, because the camera we used to take them made all the pics come out really blurry.
After these two pictures, you are only going to get to see close-ups of her decorating style.
I do not do the primitive style...but, this sure has me wishing I did.
See that table? Donna's husband, Ron, made that table for her.
He made it look all perfect with no gaps, no marks, no nothing.
Donna got a hold of it and PRIMITIZED it....I don't know if Ron has
ever recovered from that. She banged it up....the wood split, etc....
Oh and the chick behind Donna and Ron is their daughter, Tresa.
It is because of Tresa that I was able to get some pictures....you see, Donna and Ron were out of town. So, here is proof that her house is ALWAYS perfect, she is out of town for goodness sake....who leaves their house in magazine perfect order when they just packed for a trip?

Stay tuned for a lot more pics.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Thrifted Lamp....

I found this lamp at an estate sale for $15.00...which is more than I normally would have paid...but it was so cool!

It was too Brady Bunchy for me.....

I loved the design!

I found this dress for $2.00 at a garage sale.

I took the top of the dress off and put the skirt on the lampshade.

I love the citrus print....very kitschy.

I originally thought I was going to paint it a turquoise....then I found the material and the turquoise just didn't work.

I think that I will put this in my office....I love the height of the lamp too.
I might paint the wood a country white, what do you think?

Make sure go check out all the other thrifty finds by clicking the buttons at the top of this post!
Edited to Show the Makeover, Makeover....lol

Primer and yellow paint really made it look so much better...I am happy now.

Better Than Thrifted Items

Several years ago, I had a lovely young lady who had nothing better to do than to come help me in my classroom. No, her mom was the computer teacher and she had to come over anyhow...so, she chose ME to help. I know, I need A LOT of help! I save the therapy lesson for some other time.
Anyhow, that Jr. High girl is now 30 and we've become friends.
She found my blog and has decided that we have very similar tastes.
So, I invited her over because she wanted to see my simple home and drink some of my amazing lemonade.

She came with gifts that she thought I would like.
She thought RIGHT!!

How could I say NO to these?
I offered to pay her for them, but she refused.

Look at this vintage suit...makes me want to go work in an office somewhere.
Oh, wait, I DO work in an office somewhere....
well, it is at my mother's and the dress is pretty casual.
Look at the single dragonfly hovering the gingham ribbon!

Love this skirt! Talk about feeling all light and airy.....
A CORDLESS RETRO PHONE!!! Can you hear me squealing?
It is a big ol' chunky phone.....and it WORKS!!!
Thanks so much Carrie! I'm so glad we get to be friends now...not because you brought me amazing gifts, because you are an amazing woman!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Easy Homemade Lemonade!

Old Fashioned Lemonade

1 1/2 cups lemon juice

1 1/2 - 3/4 sugar

8 cups water

Mix sugar w/ one cup of boiling water (I just use VERY HOT water from my tap, or nuke it). Mix rest of ingredients together and stir. If you are too tired to juice real lemons, you can cheat and use the store bought juice. I also slice a lemon and add the wedges to the pitcher. Be VERY CAREFUL if you are using a glass pitcher...it will crack of lemonade is HOT. That is why I use HOT TAP water for the one cup and cold water for the remaining 7 cups. Serve with crushed ice then go sit out on the porch and tell me that doesn't make all your worries go away!!

I will be doing something else with my lemonade and I hope to show you in the next few days!! NO, it isn't trying it w/ Jack Daniels either!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I think my husband is a chameleon...

You be the judge! Is he a chameleon or are these just the typical Ag Teacher stances....

I swear these pictures were all taken on the same day! You know me, I can't just watch what everyone else is watching...which in this case would be the goat show at goat camp....don't ask if you don't already know....well, ok, it is a camp where youth learn to care for and show their goats....like what you see when you go to the fair. You know, in the building where all the blue/gold and green/white jackets are parading animals around by halters or their BARE hands?
Oh, and did you guess which one was my husband?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anyone can show you pictures of a ball game....

This is my MOM, say HI to my MOM!!!

She just finished 6 months of chemo for colon cancer.
Doesn't she look AWESOME???

Last week, we went with my parents to the TULSA DRILLERS baseball game against the Cardinals....no, not THE Cardinals, just the Cardinals.
We went for the Saint Francis Cancer Survivor night.
Yep, and that is my husband on the PHONE....an Ag Teacher's job is never done when there are show animals to be bought! He has learned to be a multi-tasker.

Instead of showing you how amazing my camera is by showing the hunky ball players, I thought I would show you with "food". Please note that I am only 2 - 3 rows FROM THE TOP of the bleachers.

QuikTrip is a sponser...of course, or I wouldn't be showing these pieces of food in a foot race now would I? If you don't have a QuikTrip,....pause, pause, pause, pause....that was my moment of silence for you.....I was mourning FOR you!

So, in this race are Egg Roll, Hot Dog, and Taquito.

Egg Roll was so far behind, I couldn't get them all in a picture.
Notice that Hot Dog is all smiles.

RUN! Hot Dog...run.....can't YOU HEAR ME? I said, RUN!!

Hot Dog finally hears me I guess, because he takes a quick turn just as

TAQUITO takes a flying leap towards Hot Dog.....

Let's take a closer look shall we?

Look at TAQUITO all smiles with a hint of orneriness on his face.

Look at Hot Dog's arms...clearly in the self defense mode off RUNNNNNN!


OHHHhhhhh, Hot Dog almost got away....he was unfortunately taken down by TAQUITO....mean, mean, TAQUITO.....

Oh, look, here comes Egg Roll....happily skipping and bouncing off the ground....

He spies Hot Dog...what, does the poor Hot Dog have a sign on him that says, "I'M A WEENIE!"

I am beginning to sense some bullying going on at this here ball game.

Egg Roll could have just run right passed Hot Dog....but NOOOOoOOOoO.
I think I'm having playground flashbacks...how about you?

Look, poor Hot Dog still has that sweet precious, put some relish on it smile.

At about this point, I think Hot Dog has figured out that he is the brunt of the school yard jokes.....

He makes a mad dash for the finish line......

Now what the....who are these GIRLS....???
No you STUPID Hot Dog!!! What are YOU doing?
Don't go for the GIRLS....go for the FINISH....

And look once again...there is TAQUITO....squeaking by...
He is creeping by because his tackle of Hot Dog wore him out.....

TAQUITO is declared the WINNER!!
Take a look at how oblivious the ball players are in all the pictures....
Like it is EVERYDAY that you see food racing around...
Oh, and did I mention that the horse races were running RIGHT BEHIND us....I'll spare you the pictures of those. I just want to say that two little boys decided they were going to crawl under the fence to get a ball that bounce out onto the horse track.....AS THE HORSES WERE RACING AROUND THE TRACK...
Luckily, a man caught them before they became PART OF THE HORSE TRACK and Oklahoma made the news again......

Want to

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