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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Does it Take to Put On a Stockshow?

As many of you already know, we are a farm family. The man of the house is an Agriculture Instructor at the local high school. Husband's specialty is livestock. Many a years ago, we decided to raise the children in the livestock area of farming. This meant that it would be our main ACTIVITY as a family. We didn't want to be divided...me taking one child to an event, him taking another child and then having grandparents taking a third child to a different event.
4-H and FFA is a very non-age segregated activity. When dad goes somewhere to work, the whole family can go as well and participate.
Now don't get me wrong, our children played sports at a young age....we burned them out on it before they were old enough to show livestock...yep, that's how we did it.
So, back to putting on a stockshow. We attend many, many, many stockshows through the year. Our local show is actually run by us (the local Ag Boosters).
It takes many, many, many, many, many...you get the picture....hours.
We really start planning for this FEBRUARY show in OCTOBER.
This post is about our trip to Sam's Club to get the items for the BBQ dinner that is the money maker to put on the show.

We leave the house at 5:30 AM.
I am pretty sure I woke up the rooster when I started the car...

We tank up on plenty of coffee....isn't that a pretty cup? I really feel 'pecial when I use my 'pecial coffee cup and saucer!

After I had to turn around and drive back home to get my "list", I make it to the Showbarn (the building we have the stockshow in).
Teri and Rachel are taking inventory of items. I am checking my "list" and making any changes before we head to Sam's Club.

Rachel brought her son, Tanner. Tanner just thought he was was going to go with us so he could ride around on the big fancy flat carts at Sam's.
We gave him the important job of throwing out the old salt and pepper shakers....
He is almost finished with 1/3 of this ONE shaker....he is SHAKING out all the salt.
Is that a boy thing or what? Can you see the container on the bar? It is FULL of salt and pepper shakers....hmmm, maybe by the time Tanner is 21, he will have shook out all the salt and pepper.

We made it to Sam's Club and purchased $753.00 of "stuff".
What you are looking at is what we carry ourselves.
We met a really nice worker, Zach, who put all our other "stuff" on a pallet.
Yep, each year is a learning experience...we used to stack our own 3,000 cans of pop.

Didn't Zach do a great job? Last year, our pallet was TWICE that size!
We've learned to assess and make changes. We also learned to use a flatbed trailer instead of a pick-up bed to haul the goodies.

We are now back at the Showbarn and have unloaded the stuff.
We tried really hard to get Zach to come with us so HE could unload that pallet of pop....
Then we REMEMBERED Tanner!! We remembered that he was young, energetic, and um, gullible....yah, that's it.
Did I mention it was FREEZING that day as well?
Also, that we had to stop and air up a tire?
Oh and we had to make another stop to make sure the stuff was strapped down!
We did the firemen's line and got the stuff into the Showbarn.
Here I am checking the ceiling (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).
Rachel is not in this picture.
You see, Rachel thought the bathrooms were working at the Showbarn. Rachel didn't use Sam's Club or Quiktrip's pretty bathrooms.....she thought she could "hold it" til we got to the Showbarn....insert evil laugh....
Rachel didn't know that the water was shut off to the building so it wouldn't freeze and bust like it has on more than one occasion. (Last month's gas bill was $700.00)
So, needless to say, we HURRIED to get the stuff into the building and Rachel made a beeline to the house.....
There you have it...one small part of putting on a local stockshow. Stay tuned for more posts about hosting a stockshow.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

XS Group: What Does XS Stand For?

Several years ago, I became a small group leader through my church. We had hoped to get the youth involved and become bonded with one another.
I never really thought about how involved and bonded I would become....
Here are two members of XS Group, Naomi and Kimi.
(Not a fancy name..it really means Xtra Small Group...LoL)
Over the years, girls have come and girls have gone...sometimes to the point where we can't even qualify as a SMALL group...thus, the name.
Currently, there are 5 girls attending XS Group which means I actually have to use a church van to transport if all show up!

On this day, we had two girls come to XS Group.
We meet once a week after school.
Currently, we are reading Alex and Brett Harris' book, Do Hard Things.
This is a wonderful book in which all teens should read.
It helps teens realize that the teen years are for doing great things and to stop stooping down to the low expectations that are put on them.
Yes, that is correct...LOW expectations. (CLICK HERE FOR THEIR BLOG)
Seriously, most teens are expected to make their bed and make good grades and be good. Alex and Brett believe there is so much more that can be done while a teen. Did I mention that they were only 19 when they WROTE the book?
On this particular day, since all weren't here, we just headed to the local pizza place and did a tiny Bible study.
Teens deal with a lot of stress and sometimes, they feel very tiny in God's HUGE world. So, I spent some time putting together very tiny letters and basically told them that when they feel very small in God's world to just remember:
Matthew 10:30 says: And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
Wow! When I think I am small...to just know that God knows HOW MANY hairs are on on MY head...UHMAZING!
I also, referred to:
Hebrews 5:13 Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. 14But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.
The tiny letter told them that I was proud that they made XS Group a priority and that meant that they were moving from the milk to the meat in their spiritual life. I also shared that sometimes we go back to the milk, but there will always be room for the meat.
The letters were put into tiny envelopes I created especially for the tiny letters (I had to use a magnifying glass to read it...they didn't). The tiny envelopes were put into a prayer capsule that the girls can keep on their key chains. My prayer is that they will add their own special prayers to this capsule and see them being answered one by one in God's special timing.

To my XS Group: I have experienced the ups and downs with you. I have cried and laughed with you. My heart has filled with joy of happiness and at times, been trampled by pain. I chose to walk this walk with you...sometimes me dragging you and sometimes you pushing me to go further. Thank you for including me in your Christian walk. My life is forever changed!

I love you!!!


Psalms 25:21 (Our XS Group Bible verse)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Are There NEAT Creative People Out There??

Yep, had to stop in the madness to have some nourishment.
It can completely wear a person out using all their creative juices at one time!

That is glue from a paper doily heart...do you have a better way to glue the little buggers?

Pretty paper....

Here is the result of all that creative juice!
I even handmade the wittle envelopes!

While at Wal-Mart..gag...I found some Martha Stewart kits on clearance for $2.50.
I can't BELIEVE the original price was around $8.00...no WAY would I EVER pay $8.00 for that kit.
Anyhow, I like the little honeycomb fruits and used them and made my own cards.
Instead of making my own cards, I used her cards as a skeleton....
The PEACHY card is for Regan.
This one is Carly's....she's my vintage girl.
I used the vintage valentine paper....isn't it adorable?

Then I used the APPLE.....

Here is Sydni's card....She is our sweets freak.
She was at one time on a baking kick and wanted to start making cupcakes for everyone....yah, I think that last a whole 2 minutes.

So, needless to say...she got the CUPCAKE.

No, you aren't seeing double...I made a vintage one for my sweetie!!
I'm sure he wouldn't expect anything else....

He got the PEAR. Get it? Pear/pair? I know, I'm funny like that!!

Well, the Valentines are done....and now, I'm sure you are wondering about that mess I made.....

TA DAAAAA.....back to normal!!! It took me less than 15 min. to get it cleaned up.
I love my FLYLADY timer.....I could have easily looked at that mess and said, "Ewwww" and just left it. Instead, I got out the timer and got busy....
I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day....I am headed off to a secret cabin hideaway with my wonderful man!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Shameless Plug: Oklahoma Bloggers VOTE FOR ME


Since I am nominated in the THE MOST HUMOROUS category,

I decided to post links to some of my posts that are humor worthy.




(Seriously, if you google bejeebies, you will pull up my blog in the top 3 spots)


THE GOAT WHISPERER, ER, UH CHASER (My personal favorite)


So, I am not ashamed to promote....sheesh, I might just get famous or something....someone might just recognize me at Wal-Mart or something...and not because I have yellow smiley underwear on under a white dress!

Even if I don't win, I feel extremely HONORED to even be in the top 10...even if there might have been only 10 nominated...I don't know, I just know I feel 'pecial! The actual name of my blog is Living The Good Life!

Homemade Valentines (picture heavy)

I got to attend a Victorian Valentine Workshop this past weekend.
The art of making valentines for our loved ones has all but disappeared.

The first time I attended this workshop, we used wallpaper samples....that was looong before the scrapbooking craze took off.
The workshop is held in a home turned museum.

Here is a pretty envelope I made myself....

This is what is INSIDE that pretty envelope.
This valentine was NOT my favorite and if you ever get one from me, know that you must be pretty darn special due to the difficulty level of this valentine!

Here I am working so hard for my loved ones!! My friend Stacey spent the day doing this also.

This is one of my favorites and quite easy to make.

I love the vintage pattern on the brown valentine....I know, not traditional colors.
If you know me at all, you know I am NOT traditional.

The floral one is more traditional w/ a lot of bang inside.

More of the brown one...
There is a pretty yellow one in the background in which was not a good valentine to show....I need to practice on that one some more...it was very easy though.
Take some time this week to make your loved ones special valentines!!!
Here is a great LINK to make homemade boxes from paper.

Want to

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