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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


THIS IS MY 99th POST.......


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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Difference Color Makes in Life

I realized at a young age that when my mother spoke of her childhood, I pictured it in black and white. She tried to tell me about buying a RED outfit on CREDIT...which she later got in trouble for doing and had to take back the outfit. The store clerk told her about credit and she thought it was the most amazing thing since sliced bread! SHE WAS STILL A CHILD when this happened...nowadays, that clerk would be contacted by Child Welfare for doing such a thing...lol. For the life of me, I could only picture a GRAY outfit. After pondering it awhile, I decided it must be due to the fact that I had only seen black and white photos of her childhood.

Anyhow, take a look at this black and white photo and see if DEPRESSION and DIRT aren't written all over it......

Ok, now look at what a little color does for the picture....they actually all of the sudden appear HAPPY.....wow, amazing if you ask me!

I still can't picture the red outfit even after seeing these colorized pictures.....sigh.......

Monday, July 28, 2008

Does the Cowboy go with the Purse?

This is my manly man, DAVID, who is so secure in his masculinity that he is willing to stand in front of millions, er, uh, hundreds, holding his daughter's purse! Isn't he a sweety? The guy on the left, is DOUG, and he is a cowboy also....just not at VBS....thought he might get too hot...ba haaaa. If I were to bet, I'd say they were discussing animals....
Did I mention that we will be married for 21 years this FRIDAY? I've been with him for more than 1/2 my life.....WOW!


If you need more ideas, head on over to orgjunkie.com and check out the zillions of menu plans.

MONDAY - Corn dogs & fries (We are taking DD to big town to practice driving skills on expressway and the on ramps....she is almost too cautious...then tomorrow, she will take her test)

TUESDAY- Chicken dressing, corn, gravy, (This is a favorite of my family and I sort of invented it myself and it never turns out the same way twice)

WEDNESDAY- Pizza egg rolls, salad

THURSDAY- Fajitas, rice, refried beans

FRIDAY- 21st Anniversary, EATING OUT

SATURDAY- Poppyseed Chicken, salad, peas & carrots

SUNDAY- Crockpot salisbury steaks, mashed potatoes, green beans (using leftover grilled hamburgers from the freezer)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Quick note to say that I SURVIVED the hottest camp of all time! I felt like everywhere I stood, I left a sweat puddle. I'm sorry to report that I am at the mercy of others who TOOK A CAMERA before I can post any pictures. I got panicked at the last minute and decided NOT to take the camera. I don't have a good lens cap or a good bag to keep it in. Also....yes, and I know this was CHURCH camp, there have been thefts in the past. Soooooo, until someone...um EMILY, sends me pictures....I won't have any.

We had a great time though.....I kept praying for SNOW and would you believe that........God, in his infinite wisdom and sense of humor......DID NOT ANSWER THAT REQUEST......hmmmm, I guess it really would have sent the media into a global warming tailspin. He did however, send a wonderful breeze on the next to last day......I swear at times, it even felt like A/C.

The speaker was Brock Morgan from Oregon. If you ever get a chance to hear him, please DO. If I described him, I would say, "Picture a grown up version of SCREECH from Saved by the Bell." Yep, he even had the same facial expressions! He was very funny and I found myself laughing wayyyyyy too loudly at times.

The Dayspring Olympics didn't have Kibbles n Bits for us this year.....I know, you were so wanting me to tell all about the PUKING, weren't you? The only food event was......smearing an ENTIRE jar of peanutbutter on a BALLOON and yes, the ENTIRE team had to LICK it off!!! SICK SICK SICK......I thank GOD that my group said they would lose the points....they would have nothing to do with it!!!! I was sick just watching the other teams attempt it.

Some of the events:

Name your team and do a cheer.....we were the URPLE PURPLES.......YEAH!!!

Belly flop and cannon ball WITH your clothes on.....extra points if LEADERS did it.....YOU KNOW IT DID IT.......unfortunately, my FRUITY underwear was visible after getting my shorts wet.....oh, I don't think the campers were TOO traumatized by it. We got an extra 400 points!!!

Place an Alka Seltzer on forhead and let the rest of the team disolve it with WATER GUNS....do you know how long this took?

Put an Alka Seltzer in your mouth and take a swig of 7-UP and hold it in your mouth for 20 seconds.......this was hard.....it makes your cheeks swell up until the Alka Seltzer is exploded out of your mouth.........or NOSE. (Oh, this is post 95)I was successful....and got 200 points PER person....we all did it!

Hill Bowling......roll ball down hill and hit the pins.

Several Brain Teasers

Peel a banana with your feet.....a group of 4 had to work together and NOT break the banana. Should I mention that a certain Wagoner leader....NOT ME.....got 400 extra points for EATING the banana? cough, cough....BECKY....cough cough

Pour chocolate syrup into a cup......from the 2nd floor......then DRINK THE CHOCOLATE when finished.

Golf ball bobbing....very hard!!!

A lot of rolling in the grass....very itchy.

Ok, that is my update......I'll post more later. We are heading to the Pryor Cowboy Trade Days....see ya, pardner!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm Off to Church Camp this Week....

(If you like this picture, you can order it personalized, just click the picture and you will be taken to their website)

Please try not to go through WITHDRAWALS while I'm away this week. I'll return with wonderful pictures of teenagers doing silly things. I LOVE this camp! I would go even if I didn't have a child going. It is more like a retreat for me...even though I actually had to eat KIBBLES n BITS one year.....all for the sake of not letting down my group. Ick, I swore after that I would only feed my dog HUMAN food. Unfortunately, she pukes when she eats human food....how weird is that.....I PUKE when I eat DOG food. Hmmmmm, we were destined to be together! Oh, by the way, this is my 93rd posting. So, maybe you can get some WORK done while I'm away....since you won't be constantly checking to see if I updated....ba haaaaaa. I know, I know, it is going to be hard, but YOU CAN DO IT SPARKY.

Seriously, I hope you have a great week and keep the kiddos and me in your prayers.....we want to experience God's full glory while at camp.

Dancing Guy

(Before you press play, scroll down and pause my wonderful music)

Ok, I don't know why I like this video but I do. I've stumbled across it a few times and I always have to stop and watch it. It just amazes me how people choose to live life....I mean really LIVE life to the fullest. This guy has done the simplest thing...dancing around the world. It started just as a thing....then BAM a gum company gets wind of it and now this is how he makes his money.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, like I said before, we had the VBS canned food drive and the winning team got to choose which staff member would get the infamous "pie in the face". Well, you are looking at the "winner/loser", Drew, our worship ministry leader. Drew had no idea that he really wasn't going to get a pie in the face.....Jesus stepped in and SACRIFICED himself for Drew. It was really sad to see the mob mentality take over.....they were chanting...Drew, Drew, Drew. There were even disappointed people when they found out that Drew wasn't going to get the pie! If someone said that they didn't think that Jesus should have gotten the pie....I would just say, "So, you are saying that Jesus shouldn't have died for YOU?" Then they give the AHAH look......and walk away.

Collecting Food for Local Food Pantry

Our entire VBS holding food for the local food pantry. They were asked to bring goods each night as a competition. The winning team got to choose which staff member they wanted to get a PIE IN THE FACE. I don't remember exactly how much we collected, I just know that it completely filled the bed of a pick-up to the RIM. Way to go kids!!!


This is really fun to make....go to FLICKR and make your own.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here comes the BIRTHDAY GIRL.......

This is the BITHDAY DANCE......must move very fast.

Is that really what I THINK it is........

Yep, this is MY car!!!

Aren't I PRETTY?

Sydni, I hope your 16th birthday was everything that you've dreamed of. I can't believe that you are only a few years from flying the nest. You've shown such amazing growth in the past few years. You are truly a girl after God's own heart. May you continue to see His wisdom all of your days. I love you!!! ......MOM

P.S. She is actually buying this car, she just didn't think that we got it....we told her the man wouldn't come down on the price.

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well, I felt like I was on track a little better this week. I get to post a LOSS this week....YIPPEEEEEE. I'm only 2 lbs. behind my goal.....trying to lose at least ONE POUND a week.

-2 lbs. = TOTAL LOSS in 5 WEEKS -3 lbs.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I must start with this precious little angel....doesn't that make make all the hard work of VBS worth it?

We begin each evening with a light meal. Many hours go into decorating for VBS. This year's theme is BEACH PARTY....surfin' through the scriptures.

This is REGISTRATION....the first night is usually LIGHT....

Our mission this week is donating to the local food pantry. That is ME in the soup can and my friend, Amy is the NOODLE...ba haaaa. We are the VISUAL reminder to bring canned goods.

This is Shyloe, our children's director. She is "Gideon"....what a great actress she is.....any scouts out there need to see her in action.

This is what the adults do when they THINK nobody is looking....but leave it to TRACI to always have the camera....tee hee. Really, they are waiting for RECREATION to get started....we have to do the ROLL CALL before we begin.


Then we move to have Bible study.....learning about Gideon.

Now, we are on to craft time......PEACE OUT!!!


This week is our church VBS and it includes dinner. I'm not sure exactly what night we are having these, I just know that we are having these dinners. I only have to cook for THREE nights...woohooooo. If you are looking for other menu ideas, please CLICK HERE. There are a TON of meal ideas and recipes....even for breakfast and lunch. Look for the posting w/ the people's names and start clicking the names. You will be directed to their blog post of their menu for the week. I'm going to cook like a mad woman on Saturday so my family has meals for the week I'm gone to church camp. I'm still working on that menu.

MONDAY - Sandwiches

TUESDAY - (ok, I can't remember this meal)

WEDNESDAY - Pizza (This is my middle daughter's birthday...sweet 16!)

THURSDAY - Taco Salad, Brownies

FRIDAY - Corndogs, french fries (Because we go swimming w/ VBS and it has to be something simple)

SATURDAY - Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans

SUNDAY - Rigatoni, garlic bread, salad (I leave for church camp...YIPPPEEEE!!!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wouldn't I Look Good in These?

OMG!!! I want these....I wish I could find a place here who carries them. I'm going to see if my eye dr. will order them for me....I'm afraid they will be really narrow from temple to temple. Oh aren't they precious......they are $90 which falls in my insurance range.


I decided to move my table at an angle....which makes my dining room look roomier. See the plaque propped in the chair in the background? Scroll down and you can see it up close. That is my flea market bargain of $3.00. Notice my curtains? They really hang down, I just do that to them during the day so I can see the beautiful view of the PITIFUL wheat field...well, now it is just stubble and hopefully will soon be soybeans. FIVE bushels and ACRE.....arrrgggh.

This is the other side of dining room. The dark wall is a recessed area w/ my pantry on the left and the entrance to master bedroom on the right. You can do a search of my site to see other pics of the house. I need to show you the girls' rooms....I don't think I've posted them before. I'll save that for another post.
This is a great little dish I got FOR FREE...minus the handle. I was at a thrift store and found an ugly dish with a handle for $3.00. Bought the whole thing, took off the handle and gave the other dish to dd #3....she is a collector. Isn't it precious?
This is my revolving cart.....I keep changing it around...still haven't found exactly what I want to put on it. If you look really close or click the picture, you will see that there are the cutest crocheted "candle" holders in that bowl on the bottom shelf. At least that is what I THINK they are.....anyone know any different? I'm going to see if I can find the right sized candled to fit them. I got those at an outdoor flea market in Spencer, Oklahoma....which is like a mini-mini Canton. I need to do a post just on the Family Camping book....it is so fun to read.

Here is my $3.00 plaque that will be spray painted off white and hung above my back door. Isn't it charming? Oh, and that Costco chair? I got it for $6.00 at the Spencer Flea Market....The guy is probably divorced...his wife was quite upset that he quoted me that price. I snatched it up since I haven't found once for less than $20.00 in that great of shape. The only problem area is that little scratch on the seat....I can live with that.

My Cabinets

Some have asked that I post about my spoons on my kitchen cabinets...well, here they be....
Although they may look like matched pairs, they aren't. I looked high and low in flea markets and antique places for these babies. I paid no more than $2.00 for a spoon and the cheapest was FREE. It took almost 9 months before I got to put them on the cabinets.....mostly due to a nervous husband on just HOW to do it. We got a friend, Bobby, to help and it was done in TWO evenings!

I was planning to use forks as well, but then thought that they might catch on shirts and pockets and be troublesome. I did use two forks on the cabinet above the microwave and like them.
As for my cabinet color, it is guacamole from Lowe's....but I used Anchor paint....it was cheaper. I'm not impressed with the coverage and might end up re-painting in a few years.

The baskets are African baskets I got at the fair....I've been trying to buy them for two years, but the man wouldn't come down on the price. Last fall, I went on the last day and wouldn't you know it, he was willing to bargain. I got both baskets for $30.00!!! That is 1/2 price. I keep my onions and potatoes in them.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday

I knew this was going to happen....ugh! I gained this week....2 lbs. Sheesh, I've got to get my mind focused. I've been checking out others weightloss blogs and are finding them inspiring....

I need to stay away from holidays and family reunions...lol.

+2 lbs. = Total Loss -1 lb in 4 weeks

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Secret Giveaway


Keep watching.....I'm about to reach my 100th post.
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It is a surprise, but it will be sooooo worth the anticipation.
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Menu Monday

Oops, I forgot to add the image....so, this has been edited.

If you've never heard of The Pioneer Woman, you should hustle right on over thar and check out her site. Search around and find the 5,000 reader submitted recipes .....there are some really great ones on there.

It is a busy week around the farm...well, outside the farm....Goat camp starts Tuesday. Yes, you read that correctly, GOAT CAMP. It is a commuter camp for kids (the human kind) to bring their kids (the goat kind) and learn the proper technique for grooming, showing and taking care of them. It is a three day camp....I can't imagine going to a camp to WORK.....that is what they do though....WORK.

Sunday begins a six day Vacation Bible School adventure.....complete with dinners. So, next weeks menu will be a kid friendly menu....and......I WON'T HAVE TO COOK!!!


Monday - Shepherd's Pie, bread (this pretty much has all the food groups in the pie, so I don't have to have side dishes..lol)

Tuesday - Submarine Sandwiches, chips (first day of goat camp...keeping it easy)

Wednesday - Turkey/dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans (I didn't get to make it last week for some reason)

Thursday - Baked Steak, mashed potatoes, salad (compliments of The Pioneer Woman readers)

Friday - Turkey Spaghetti (using the leftover turkey, instead of chicken in this recipe), salad, bread

Saturday - Grilled Chicken & Veggies

Sunday - Probably Pizza, that is the traditional first meal of VBS.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why I Like to Take Pictures When They Aren't Looking....

Running around with a camera has its pros and cons....sometimes you can get very natural pictures of everyday life...including the process of BLINKING.

Then.....it happens....you get DISCOVERED, aka.. BUSTED....well, at least by ONE person in the party....and that is ALL IT TAKES.......but you get lucky and get a click in while that ONE person is trying to get "adjusted" to get ready for THIS.....

THIS is what happens when they KNOW you are taking a picture!

SEE....NATURAL Life is so much more interesting.....don't you think?

York the Diving Dork

Make sure you click the picture to see it UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL
I know what your first thought is.....that has to be a fake picture. Well, it IS NOT A FAKE. The only way to achieve such a great picture is to have a great camera...NIKON D50......and the other is to have a nephew who likes to DRINK. I thought that I was being inconspicuous with the camera.....apparently, NOT! Even three sheets to the wind, he knows when a camera is around. Maybe he thinks that he REALLY CAN fly!
The girl looking on....and probably shaking her head, is my niece, Laura Lou.....well, that is almost her name. Sorry, Laura Lou, I couldn't edit you out of the picture....I am in soooooooo much trouble for putting her on my "read by millions...er, uh, tens of people" blog. You know, it is a "teen" thing....OMG....I can't BELIEVE you ACTUALLY posted my picture wearing a BIKINI...OMG, OMG....

I think I might play around with the picture.....I think I can make him look like he is flying over the trees....what do you think? ba haaaaaaaa.....hmmmm, do you even think he remembers this picture?

Friday, July 4, 2008


I like this idea, except I want to use it for Thanksgiving for flatware. We do a buffet-style meal. I can get the autumn colored scrapbook paper...with a vintage design of course. I guess I need to save my larger cans. What do you think? I wonder why Martha always has you PRINT the stuff....instead of referring you to the wonderful world of scrapbook paper. Too much ink waste for me.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Grocery Store Ads

Don't click on the picture...it won't take you anywhere...Read On....
Do you hate $pending money on a new$paper JU$T FOR THE $ALE AD$? Well, I gue$$ I DO read them once I've BOUGHT them....but I $ure like to get $ale ads (<--click)online $ince I'm u$ually online already. Thi$ $ite is great.....one click (<---click) and they are all at your finger$. Ok, do I get creative point$ for u$ing the $$ in$tead of S's? I didn't find any "gotta have it" $pecial$ thi$ week. How about you, did you find anything that maybe I mi$$ed?

Eating Like a Horse Doesn't Help.....

Well, I didn't GAIN OR LOSE....stayed the same.....I really blew it yesterday....was eating like a horse...so, I'm glad that I didn't gain....and if I do, I've got time to work it off. That is what I get for trying to shoot for 5 pounds this week....arrgggh. So, CHAS, how'd you do? I hope you did better than I.
0 lbs lost = -3 lbs in 3 weeks

Want to

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