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Friday, October 31, 2008

4 Cans of Spray Paint and Sandpaper

That is what it took to complete this makeover of a highboy dresser.

It is a hand me down from family.

I don't know what the original color was.....NANETTE? (Yes, this is what Mel used to have)

When we got it, it was white with baby blue drawers.

At one point, I started painting the drawers GOLD....don't ask me why.....

When we moved into the new house, they didn't need drawers because their closets are HUGE......that way the stuff can be HIDDEN behind a door!

So, none of them wanted this beauty.

So, as you recall, I'm on this black spray paint kick and this is what I did......for some reason, and I'm sure it was the wind that day......it made the paint not look even.

So, to remedy that problem, I SANDED it......AGED it.....yep, my mother and mother-in-law are probably GAGGING right now!

Now, all it needs are some really rustic drawer pulls....that will have to wait until I find just the right ones with just the right price!

Tell Me About Your Favorite Halloween Memory!

My favorite Halloween memories include when we would go camping with the entire extended family. All of the campers would decorate their campers, tents and cabins. There was a hot dog dinner, trick or treating and a haunted trail. The best decorated would win a free weekend of camping. Of course, we NEVER won that one.....but we had fun.
When my mother turned 60, we all had 60-themed costumes and she didn't get the clue until we brought out the birthday cake. While we were lined up to eat, a 60's Volkswagon bus drove into the campground......we made the mad dash across the grass and asked if we could have a picture with it......If I could get a copy of the picture, I'd post it......HEY MOM.....you got a copy?
Now it is your turn, what is your favorite Halloween memory?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Make sure you visit www.orgjunkie.com for other menu ideas.

Short week due to ANOTHER and FINAL stockshow of this season.....

MONDAY - Pigs in the blanket....since the high on Monday is not even to reach 60 degrees!!! Homemade french fries smothered in gravy.

TUESDAY - French bread pizza, salad, cinnamon breadsticks

WEDNESDAY - GLOW at church. This is my last week of teaching my class.....I don't know if I will continue with a Christmas project class or not.




SUNDAY - Tamale pie.....which is a great recipe that includes, beans, meat, ro-tel, taco seasoning, cheese and cornbread.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Milk Jug, A Butter Bowl, Duct Tape, Sand, Glue, and Newspaper

Remember on Menu Plan Monday's post, I said something about teaching a class at church? Well, we are winding up the class and I wanted to show you what lovely creatures we created.
We made scarecrow heads.....which could be used w/ a scarecrow body, a centerpiece, even in a wreath.....just let your creative juices flow....
And boy did they flow through this class.....just have a gander at what they created.

Just in case you might want to make one yourself, I'll give some instructions.
Take a one gallon milk/water jug with the lid on it, turn it upside down in a clean 16 oz. butter/sour cream bowl that is 1/2 full w/ sand. (The BOWL is 1/2 full, not the jug)
Use duct tape to secure it and keep the sand from falling out.....
Using a mixture of watered down glue, start your paper mache w/ newspaper. You can google better directions if you haven't done it before. After two layers.....wait 24 hours before applying another two layers. It helps if you put the first layer on in VERTICAL pieces and then the 2nd layer in HORIZONTAL pieces.
After you've put on about 6 complete layers......make the next two layers out of BROWN PAPER SACK. The sack is a little trickier.....make sure you really SOAK the paper. Make your pieces more round instead of STRIPS.
The brown is what gives it the gunnysack appearance.
If you want, you can seal it w/ clear coat after it dries....especially if you want to put it on the porch......I don't really recommend you leave it to the weather......I've never done that before.
Then, get out your crafty stuff and start decorating!
Thanks ladies, it was a blast!!!!!

My Latest Creation.....Ur, Uh, Copycat......

I cannot take credit for this lovely idea....I've seen it on several blogs.

If you have a version of it on your blog, please leave a comment and a link so others can see it.


You find a dinner plate, a saucer, and a "crystal" candle holder.

I used the E6000 glue to bond them.

I glued the BOTTOM of the candle holder to the SMALL plate first and let it set up.

I then glued the TOP of the candle holder to the LARGE plate.

My reasoning on this was for more stability and using the smaller part of the candle holder left more room for CANDY!

You can add a tea cup for elegant dips....I did not glue it to the plate so it would be easier to wash.

You can also add a dish for bigger dips. If you are worried about the bowl or cup getting knocked off the plate, you can secure it with a bit of plasti-tac...the same stuff teachers use to hang posters on the wall.....

I thought I had an entire set of Christmas dishes on Craigslist....but alas, someone beat me to the $25.00 bargain.

Wouldn't these be pretty using an assortment of Christmas dishes?

You could get different sizes of candle holders and do some like what I've done and also, just glue the dinner plate to the TOP of the candle holder for more of a cake stand effect.

Oh, and you know those cheese ball things with the glass cover you can get for a dime a dozen at a thrift store.....you could use it to cover a CUPCAKE on a plate.....OH....yeah, I'm heading right now to see if it would work on this plate.......

What are you doing still reading this.....go MAKE YOU ONE!!!


What about putting THREE.....yes, THREE candle holders on the bottom of a dinner dish....what a pretty cake holder!!!! Then you could add a decorative something underneath...like a small flower arrangement.....a picture in a frame....small, of course....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!
If you would like more ideas on what to plan for dinner, visit ORGJUNKIE.

This week is fairly normal around this house.... 2 meetings in the evening this week that shouldn't interfere with the meals. Sydni has her wisdom teeth out on Thursday, so planning an easy to eat meal that she can suck on for a few days. I hope their removal doesn't affect her ACT scores....ba haaaaa....

As always, if you see something that you like and want the recipe, just comment me and I'll get it to you or direct you to the link.

MONDAY- Ham, mashed potatoes, pineapple casserole, corn and hot rolls

TUESDAY- Ham and beans, cornbread, fried potatoes

WEDNESDAY- G.L.O.W. (God's Love on Wednesday) at the church....We have dinner at the church followed by children and adult classes from choir to Bible study to crafting.

THURSDAY- Chicken corn Chowder, bread

FRIDAY- Pizza on french toast

SATURDAY- Pigs in a blanket (Also, have a party that we are possibly going to attend if we can get our acts together)

SUNDAY- BBQ chicken legs, corn on cob, macaroni salad

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Come to the Party.......

Sponsored by A Fanciful Twist
Make sure you stop by and check out the hundreds of posts about Halloween....

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to see all my other demented posts.....evil laugh.......

Friday, October 17, 2008

Prayers Please

This is a prayer shawl for my mother, Laura, who was newly diagnosed with
stage 2 colon cancer. I am asking that you please say a prayer for her while you read this post. We are not sure what the treatment will be, but we are pretty certain it will include chemo.
Thank you for sharing your love!!!! She will have this shawl around her to remind her of God's love and the love of her family, friends, and even complete strangers.
The shawl will be laid on the alter for prayer before giving it to her as well.

On a lighter note, I made this shawl using the Nifty Knitter loom....I DO NOT KNIT!!! Believe me, friends have tried to teach me.....I guess I'm so ADD that I can't keep the numbers straight....ba haaaaaa. If you look closely, you can find a cross charm in the tassels....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy BELATED Anniversary SISTER....25 Years!

Happy 25th Anniversary!!!!

Ok, I had this in the draft section and forgot to get it posted. This is to my sister, Julie, who has been married for 25 years!!! Above, you will see that I created an ornament for her Christmas tree.....she LOVES decorating for Christmas. I didn't want to give her the standard silver anniversary gift....frame, clock, plate, etc. The ornament has 25 on the dress, their name on the bottom of the dress and the date on the back. I put it in a special SILVER box...yeah, wasn't that creative? I told her she has to KEEP it in the box......that way it will be protected....yeah, that's it.....
Here is there BEFORE and NOW pictures......aren't they cute?

Ok, these two little yep...red heads are her twin grandsons.....there is an older red head...but, for some reason, I didn't get a good picture of him. It couldn't possibly be because HE WON'T STAND STILL....no, that couldn't be the reason Auntie Traci couldn't get a picture of him.

Cake eatin' smoochin' time......

This is Laura....she is the daughter. She helped plan this SURPRISE party. They also have a son, Levi, who was out of town at work. He is married to Brittany, who also planned this lovely SURPRISE party......I could NOT get a GOOD picture of her by herself....because she was chasing the OLDER red head who wouldn't stand STILL. She is in a picture below.......

This is my mom, Laura (in the middle)...I KNOW...she could pass for our sister couldn't SHE?.....

Terri is to the left, Julie in the back and ME to the right.

Mom with MOST of her grandchildren.....missing is Levi, Carly, Sydni....did I get everyone? Oh, and that is Brittany in the back CENTER.....w/ the glasses.

This is Julie and Donald w/ his parents, Donald Sr. and Doris

Yep, had to throw this picture in......dear niece got TWO tattooes.....and it was raining that day.....so, another use for SARAN WRAP. This is her showing them off.....we won't have her show the other ones from previous trips to the "parlor"....tee heee.

Want to

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