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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Special Senior Photo Shoot....Mom & Son

I never expected to actually have tears when
looking at pictures for the first time.
Meet Bryan and his mom, Nita.
 Bryan is Nita's only son....
 Bryan will be graduating from high school
in the spring.
 Bryan realizes that no matter what, his
mom is still going to love him, hug him and KISS him...
even in public.
 Nita will have an empty nest after Bryan heads
out into the world.
Can't you just see the love in her face?
 Bryan can still make his mom laugh.....
 Not just laugh, a true belly laugh....
I'm not sure Nita realizes how poignant this photograph is....
Bryan is ready to move on....
Bryan needs to know that no matter where he goes...
he can turn and mom will be just steps away....
Nita needs to know that that little boy will always be
her little boy even if he can pick her up.
(Bryan did say in a very shocked tone, "Mom,
you are really light.")
Bryan and Nita, thanks for letting me be the one
who got to capture some really special moments with you.


carolina nana said...

I love the way you photograph, it's like each photo has a special meaning,you have wonderful ideas.
Have a blessed tomorrow.

Farmchick said...

Sweet pictures. :)

So...you are still around. I have not seen hide nor hair of you in quite awhile! :) Stop over for a visit...hoping you can join in my Have a Holly Jolly Christmas Recipe Swap...come on...it'll be fun! :)

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