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Friday, July 31, 2009

Squash Patties W/ PICTURES (oohhhh, aaahhhhh)

This is a recipe I got from my cousin, KELLY! Kelly is a child of Martha Stuart's TEACHER....lol.
I will probably never, ever, never, not gonna do it, no way, no how make dipped and fried squash again....takes way too long.
This recipe is sooooo much easier!

3 cups of GRATED squash...I used 3 small squashes. (is that a word?)
I peeled them.....

Yes! Thank goodness my mother is an INFOMERCIAL JUNKIE!
This is actually my 2nd Ultimate Chopper....I wore out the first one...
then stole borrowed mom's because she never cooks...which means, she never used it!

I chunked up the squash.

...barely, I mean BARELY touched the little red button...
If you do it any longer, you will have BABY FOOD.
If you do NOT have an Ultimate Chopper, I will mourn FOR you.
I guess you could use the pre-historic GRATER.
2/3 cup of baking mix...aka...bisquick...but I am too cheap
and I like Aldi's brands.

1/2 cup of cheese...or more if you like.
I like cheese!

1/3 cup of chopped onion....I used 1/2 cup...we like onions also.
This is a FRESH onion that I got at the local Farmer's Market.

One egg...and of course this is a FARM FRESH EGG...straight
from the little chickens in the yard.

Mix all the ingredients.
Have some oil heating up on the stove.

When the oil is HOT.
Drop by spoonfuls into the grease and flatten.
When browned on one side...very carefully turn them over and brown
the other side.
Browning, browning...browning...
I guess right about here is where I mention that I am NOT skinny....
I know, I'm sure you already figured that out...
I made about 21 precious little squash patties!
Sprinkle w/ salt.
My husband like them w/ ranch dressing...
I haven't found anything that isn't good w/ ranch dressing, have you?


Peculiar Blogs said...

Oh my goodness!! I am drooling and running NO! sprinting to the store to get squash!! Thank you for sharing your secrets!

Unknown said...

Oh YUM! Those look fantastic!

Saska said...

Since I have LOTS OF squashes in my garden, will have to try this. Have you tried it with garlic/herb seasoning? That is what I usually season mine with.

Unknown said...

Keith would LOVE those! I've done something similar with shredded potatoes. Will try! Thanks and LOVE the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I am trying this tonight!

Anonymous said...

You know I use this recipe - but I don't take the time to peel them and use the old fashioned grater. I can't tell the peeling is there and the grater doesn't take very long and is easier to clean.

Martha Stewart's teacher does it that way - and I am afraid to muck with it! They probably taste exactly the same the way you do it- but I can't bring myself to veer from Mom's method.


Unknown said...

I didn't peel either, just chopped up my squash and then used my PC hand food chopper. I could see adding creamed corn to this....used my first garden squash of the season to try!!

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