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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Whooooooooo Are YOU???

I just love living in the country......
Just look at this beauty that I spotted on the way home....
I can't believe I just so happened to have my camera
with me.....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lemon Bars

Meet Kimi!

Kimi is a member of a small group from our church that I host
in my home.
Now that we have it in my home, I can include so
many more things besides just sitting on the floor and
doing the Bible lessons.
We can APPLY the lessons to LIFE.

This week, due to various circumstances, Kimi was
the only attendee.
Soooooo, we pulled out one of my favorite recipes and
learned that when life gives you lemons.....you make

We had a wonderful time and I hope Kimi chooses to
make these again because she did an AWESOME job!
We had a wonderful Bible study using the
book of James.
Isn't she a cutie in the pink polka dot apron???
Thanks for coming Kimi and remember to focus on
our lesson for the week...and don't forget your
nightly text!

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemon Bars


1 c. butter
1/2 c. Powder Sugar
2 c. flour

Cut in butter with pastry blender press into a 13 x 9 cake pan and bake 15 minutes.


4 Eggs
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 c. Lemon Juice
2 c. sugar
1/2 c. flour
1/2 tsp. salt

Blend well and pour over crust and bake 25 minutes @ 350 degrees.

While the bars are hot, ice with:

3/4 c. powdered sugar
2 1/2 TB lemon juice

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Kid is so Cute, He Should Charge Just to Look at Him!

Meet Cooper!
Cooper comes to the farm almost every Tuesday.

Cooper loves the outdoors.
Cooper got "poo" on his new boots!

Cooper liked the giant "stuffed" cow.....
and showed NO fear of the cow or
that fancy fence I helped put up'
last weekend...didn't I do a great

Cooper tried very hard to catch a goat!

Cooper has NO idea what this goat REALLY
wanted to do to him!

Suprise! He caught one!

Cooper will love them and squeeze them
and make them his forever!
It was a good day on the farm!

Fairy Love!!

I've had many inquiries about my fairy doors, so I am doing
this post so I can refer people to it.
I was inpired by the simpleness of the fairy door.
I believe children need a creative outlet and I think the fairy door
is one way to enhance that creativity and imagination found
in children.

Just imgaine your child's delight when she loses a tooth and puts it into the
special basket on the Fairy's stoop....and awakes to find FOREIGN
coins in the basket!
We all know that the Tooth Fairy travels the world and sometimes
she doesn't have US currency...and of course our banks are closed
when she makes her appearance...so she leaves what she has!
Imagine your child waking and finding a tiny gift on the stoop....left by a fairy!
Imagine them waking and finding the fairies came and decorated the door
for the holidays!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oops, Now I Done Gone and Painted a Window!

I try to tell my daughter to stand up straight...maybe this will convince her!
Great restaurant...down home good cookin' in a great atmosphere!

What to get, what to get......that won't fall on the dress and make a mess!!!

More of my lovey.....notice the WINDOW!!!

OMG....he is sooooo darn cute!!!
He NEVER takes his hands out of his pockets....I'm lucky I got a smile out of him.
What is it with guys and smiling in pictures....???

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why You Shouldn't Let Us Go and Paint the Town

We do bad things......

The Homeschool Prom was Saturday night.
"Out of the Box"
We wanted to go out to eat and Sydni wanted to
go downtown...well, downtown is not
the best place for two girls to be in the evening....
so, what are parents to do....
go out to eat with them!
Of course, we sat at a completely different table and area of the
restaurant! I didn't want them to embarrass ME!
You know me well if you know that I had to take my
camera and blog the adventure!!
This is David, he is my hunk o' burnin' love!
I took some photos of him....I'll get some more on here in a few...
I just thought this one was a HOOT!!!
NO, he did NOT really put that on the wall....gotta love editing programs!!!

Sydni and Beck....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Time on the Farm....Just Gettin' Real

This is how the baby goats spend 99% of their awake time...
jumping around like they have ants in their pants.

This is what mama does when she just isn't in the mood to milk.
Look at their pose...."Hey, where'd she go?"

There are actually 3 more of these little buggers....

My husband, pulling a calf on Sydni's show calf.

This is the calf that David was pulling in the previous picture...
ended up having to be delivered by C-Section by the Vet.
We actually didn't think the calf would be alive...he was just
too big. The Vet even said some expletives when
he pulled the calf out and put him on the ground and realized
he was ALIVE! His name is BIGGIN'. He is almost double the size
of a normal calf.
Proud mama w/ Biggin'.
Look carefully at her side...you will see the C-Section scar.

Don't you just want to say "AWWWWWWW"?

I have about 99 pictures of the goats alone....and in at least
85 of them is this baby.....just staring....never moved.
This is OREO...every time I go to take pictures...she has to have
her picture taken.....she pops in out of NOWHERE.
I told her I would put her mug...er, uh...picture here
on my blog and she promised to quit jumping into the pictures.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

I thought I would post about a thrifted shelf I bought for $1.00.
I found a really cute retro clock and decided to put it in my bathroom.

I wanted it where I could easily see it.
I've been looking for a metal shelf and stumbled upon
this wooden shelf for $1.00! How could I pass it up?
This shelf WAS black.....my battery was dead so, didn't get a picture of it
while it was black.

I found some cute wooden embellishments at Hobby Lobby for a total of $4.00

and glued them on.......A can of almond spray paint.....

I turned it upside down because I wanted a towel holder by my sink as well....now this picture is not where I am hanging the shelf....I don't have a hanger on the back yet....maybe I'll tackle that by next Tuesday.

Total cost of thrifted shelf makeover?


Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Fairies have Decorated for Easter!

He is RISEN!!

Even the little fairies are getting into the Spirit!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thrift Store Goodness

I do believe this is my PRIZE find for the week....
a handmade quilt...for $6.00!!!!
No method to the madness.....right up my alley!!!

I actually had a lady chasing me around the thrift store
asking me if I found the quilt there...well, DUH...why would I be wandering
around the store w/ a quilt on a day it was 80 degrees outside....

Very vintage hat....that goes with the
thrifted baby afghan...
that goes with the PROM DRESS my
oldest daughter made...
that goes w/ the vintage locket....
To make a very lovely display on my
sewing dummy.....I really need to name her.
Hmmmm....Petunia? Lily? Hyacinth? Rose?

My laundry room is a sherbet orange (NOPE, I'm not afraid of COLOR).
While thrifting, I found these delicious pillowcases for $1.00!

Just look at how they match!!!

This is an old popcorn tin. I spray painted it and added UPPERCASE LIVING letters. I am in the process of adding another one for birdseed. I also want to put a kitchy knob on top...just haven't found one that was really speaking to me yet.

Want to

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