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Monday, May 24, 2010

Time to Spread Her Wings and SOAR.....

I know it seems like just a few weeks ago that we were celebrating Sydni's graduation....oh, wait.....we were! Now it is time for her to head off to college!
Yes, she only got a two week summer break.
She got her car loaded as much as a tiny itty bitty car could get loaded....

I was almost certain the doors would bust open on the road....

Her new luggage didn't even fit....had to ride in the back of the FARM TRUCK.
Yes, it was like the hillbillies heading to school....
I'm sure we did her proud.
Her bike is making the trip....
She gets to spend her first year at school with her car locked behind a fence Monday through Friday....ah, the joys of Freshman campus life.

She has very very important decisions to make....

.....such as WHICH DESSERT???

She isn't far from the farm life....these are the dairy cows

Time to check in and see what lovely room she gets....

See, isn't it lovely???
Her new roommate left her a very sweet note welcoming her to the room....

She gets to share a bathroom w/ 3 other girls.
This is the HIGH LIVING dorm....she only gets to enjoy this for the summer.
In the fall, she moves to the FRESHMAN dorm....COMMUNITY BATHROOMS for the entire FLOOR and much smaller rooms....YEEHAW!
Look really close....there she is waving GOODBYE!
Goodbye my sweet girl....spread those wings and soar!
Life as we knew it is now forever changed.....
I am going to go get my box of kleenex and some ice cream....I will be alright.
You? You will be just fine!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So...Exactly How Does a Homeschooler "Graduate"?

First, we start by finding a really pretty dress!

Then we borrow a cap and gown from a public school kid....we especially score big when that public schooled kid has an honor sash....
Hopefully, you realize I am just kidding....
The sash is for National Technical Honor Society.
We buy our own gowns and caps and tassels.
We are in a homeschool group and all the parents of seniors work an entire school year planning the graduation.
All seniors design a special display of their life for all the guests to "ohhh" and "ahhhh" over.
Sydni's has the pizza hat at hers because she has been employed in the pizza industry since she was fourteen.
There is a girl, Sprite, yes that is her name...so, she used SPRITE cans in her theme.

Here they all are looking pretty for their OFFICIAL picture as a class.

Then we take a goofy pictures wearing 2010 glasses....

The seniors made a banner for the reception area...
each grad had their own section to decorate as they chose.

Sydni likes PINK.

Reception table....for some reason, I didn't take pictures of the reception area.
Believe me when I tell you it looked spectacular!

Sydni gave the opening prayer.
Since this is a Christian homeschool group, we can do things like that....

A 5 picture slide show is shown of each graduate....here is Sydni's baby picture.
While the pictures are showing, Mom and Dad pre-recorded a love letter to their graduate. Yep, it is a true snot slinger!

Here is her Senior picture....my how time flies!

Another special moment is when Dad gets to hand the diploma to his daughter.
Sydni gave me a rose.....
We even had a great speaker, Joe McGee.
All in all, the ceremony lasts almost 2 hours for our 18 graduates.

Then we head home for the PARTY!!
My sister, Terri, is ready to TAKE CHARGE on the pink bike....MY PINK BIKE.
For some reason, she kept getting it confused with her NO BIKE.....yah, she has NO BIKE.

The manly men use a mother of all grills to cook up about 100+ hamburgers.....

We have a special cake made...well, this is really the 2nd special cake SINCE THE LADY GAVE OUR CAKE TO SOMEONE ELSE!!
Yah...seriously...so, she gave us a smaller cake to go with the big cake in hopes that it would smooth everything over.
It did not.....but it sure tasted good.

We got the yard decorated and prepped for the visitors....

We lit the fire pit....and made s'mores!

The kids played FREEZE TAG....yah, I loved it. We didn't have to wonder if they were sneaking off and drinking or doing things they weren't supposed to do....they just played a mean game of FREEZE TAG....LOL.

The adults and little bitties...enjoyed the FIRE PIT!

The night ended with a special dance for Sydni and Ryan...her fwiend. Did I mention he is her 'pecial fwiend?
Everyone was gone by 11:15 and we took some time to just go sit by the fire before retiring to bed.
We couldn't have been blessed with a more beautiful day and turnout....thank you to all who helped make Sydni's day very special indeed.

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