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Thursday, February 28, 2008


18 REasONs I lOVe YoU!!!

  • 1. You are an overcomer. 2. You finally enjoy school. 3. You hardly get nervous. 4. You are very independent. 5. You are an amazing photographer. 6. You are willing to go anywhere....even out of the country without being afraid. 7. You enjoy your sleep.....in a family of early risers...and you don't get upset about getting up early. 8. You are very responsible with your animals. 9. Your belly laugh. 10. Your manners. 11. You are a hard worker. 12. You wear your feelings on your sleeve. 13. You love to read. 14. You still call me mommy. 15. You haven't really minded being the oldest.....and a guinea pig for your parents. :) 16. You have a special place in my heart that no other can replace. 17. You've taught me more than I've ever thought about teaching you. 18. I got to spend 18 SHORT years of your life! I love you and hope your birthday is all you've dreamed of for your 18th year of life!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Random Pics of Stuf in the House

A vintage cart with a vintage collection. The apron and oven mitt were my grandmother's as well as the canisters and cake tin. My friend, Barbie, gave me the green basket. The tea towel is from a flea market. The white board is for homeschooling....not vintage. The pink think is a strawberry candy dish....I believe it used to be a stacking candy dish....I would love to find more of this piece...it is sooooo pretty.

I finally modge podged my pictures onto what used to be a cabinet door....now I just need to add a vintage door knob.


I used the nifty knitter to make this hat. It was very simple. I am left-handed and have had a difficult time learning to knit.....I want to thank my friends who really tried hard to teach me.....believe me, it was ME and not You....at least I'm not a TOTAL failure.

If my friend, Christy, is reading this....make sure you note that I even changed yarn!!! I also made the cuff on my FIRST hat! Woohooooooooo!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Women's Retreat

I had a wonderful time at our 3rd Annual Women's Retreat. This is GREEN group's T-Shirt design. Way to go GREEN Team!!!
We had several mother/daughter groups at the reunion. This is my sister, Julie, who is a beautiful woman of God and a cancer survivor. Me in the middle. Laura, my mom, on the right who is my bestest friend and such an amazing strong woman. I love you both and am so happy that we can spend special time together in God's presence. I can't wait until next year....and Carly wants to go next year....wow, three generations! To my other sis, Terri, I sure hope you plan to go next year....we missed you.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I want to wish everyone a beautiful Valentine's Day! To my dear husband, David, who has taught me the meaning of true love. I didn't know love could expand to any size. You are my life, my friend, my love. I'm sorry you are sick today. I hope you get well soon.

To my three daughters: You have made my life worth living. I enjoy seeing you grow and mature each day. I'll never outgrow seeing you happy. I wish the greatest things for you and know that God has wonderful plans for your futures. I love you!!

To all my friends and family: Thanks for making my life full of love. You are really a blessing to me each day of the year. I love you!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

Malachi 3: 3 He will sit and judge like a refiner of silver, watching closely as the dross is burned away. He will purify the Levites, refining them like gold or silver, so that they may once again offer acceptable sacrifices to the Lord. Today is the first day of Lent and I am devoting more time to study deeper into God's Word. I want God's reflection to be seen in me.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What I'm Currently Reading

Ok, a few weeks ago I had my children watch a documentary on Dr. Freeman, the father of lobotomies. I decided to find out more about the survivors and found this book, My Lobotomy. It is a very interesting book with tragic consequences. Howard was only 12 when his step mother had Dr. Freeman perform and "ice pick" lobotomy. He survives.....and now is telling his story. It amazes me how easily a dr. was able to do such things on mental patients. If you are looking for a book that will give you a different perspective of history, this might be it for you.

Altered Clipboards

There is a glare on the board and it hasn't been sealed yet....so, look at these with "in progress" glasses.....
These are my first attempts at altered clipboards. I'm going to give them as Thank You gifts at our spring stockshow. Who can't use a clipboard?
I'm going to also include a picture of the girls to the buyer.....
I hope I get to keep one....I just think these are soooooo adorable.

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

These are Valentine's for Veterans. I hand stamped them. I made them into bookmarks....you know me, got to be practical. We have a Veteran's Hospital nearby and each Valentine's Day, the community is encouraged to send Valentines. If you have one near you, see if they do the same thing.

Friday, February 1, 2008

RSS Feed

Ok, I'm trying out an RSS Feed....seeing if it is doing what I want it to do.....

Want to

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