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Friday, December 28, 2007

Still coughing....

It is Friday and I am still coughing....yet I am going to get my Christmas decorations taken down today....I can't stand looking at it anymore! It amazes me that when mom is sick, nothing gets done around the house. I walked into the girls' bedrooms and found total disasters! I've got to get busy or we won't be ready for the new year...tee hee. I wonder if I will have to call my children when they are adults to make sure they even brushed their teeth.

I love listening to my children laugh on their own....something as simple as Regan playing a game and getting tickled at what she sees.

The weather is cloudy and chilly today. We had some rain last night, but not as much as those west of us. We have a wonderful fire going in the woodstove....house is all toasty and warm. Carly and Sydni are lost in their room playing on their computers....make note to self....go check on them. I've got 10 minutes before it is time to get off of the computer and go get something done before the house falls apart.

I need to lay out something for dinner....hhhhmmmm, what sounds good? Will need to look up some new recipes...I feel like I keep making the same things over and over.

Sydni found her prom dress yesterday while spending her Christmas money....she spent a whole $25.00 for it!! She is such the bargain shopper. It is a very pretty turquoise color...fitted, halter style. I'll try to post a pic. Carly managed to find two really cute pair of jeans. I have got to go get my barstools before they go off sale....ackkkk, now I'm going to have to face the crowds.

Time is up...gotta go...buh bye

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I've missed the after Christmas sales... :(

I am feeling better today except the nagging cough. I hate that I've had to miss the after Christmas sales. I still need to go return/exchange Carly's coat...I sure hope they have one in her size. That is really the only thing she asked for this Christmas from us. The temperature is in the 30's and it is cloudy. I usually have my Christmas decor taken down by now...but the illness has not let me do that.

I guess my years as a teacher has trained me to be gearing up for the next big holiday and that is why I take down my decorations so soon after Christmas. It is driving me nuts staring at my tree right now.

Carly and Sydni have gone to deplete their gift cards....hmmmm, I wonder what they will bring home? David out cutting wood since we are getting low....there is no shortage after the "wonderful" ice storm in January of 2007. I am so ready to get back to "flying" w/ the www.flylady.net I am not a born organized person and this website has really helped keep me from "c.h.a.o.s."....can't have anybody over syndrome. Check it out and see if you can find any useful information.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Proud Papa

This is my youngest daughter, Regan and my husband, David. This was quite a proud moment for dad! This was taken at the American Royal Show in Kansas City.

First Attempt at Blogging

Well, as I sit in the recliner trying to get well I discovered a wonderful blog (A Little Busy) which describes one family's joys of remodeling and raising numerous children. So, I decided I might give blogging a try. It was really fun to read the moments in one person's life on an almost daily basis for a year and a half. I will just need to learn how to upload pictures....

A little about my life....

I turned 40 this year and love it!

I have been married 20 years to my high school sweetheart.

We have 3 beautiful daughters.

We've been homeschooling since 2002.

We live on a farm and have about 50 cows (some are show calves), a few show lambs, several Boer goats, numerous chickens, 8 dogs, 5 cats and NO, we don't have a partridge in a pear tree.

We just built a house.....yes, we are still married! I'll try to post pics soon.

Well, I guess I'm finished for now...God bless.

Want to

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