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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Go Roomba, Go Roomba, Go Roomba

OMG!! This is the niftiest tool. I have mostly wood floors and tile. This thing zips all over the house and picks up those dust bunnies. It even cleans under the bed!!! You can set a schedule for it to clean at the same time every day. If the docking station is easily accessed, it will go back and charge itself.....wow, it is so Jetson's.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mmmmm, Pancakes

I guess it is a good thing when you run out of cold cereal.....it inspired my daughter to make pancakes for breakfast. She made them from scratch......and they were very FLUFFY!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Teen is DRIVING!!!

Well, two out of three girls are driving now! Sydni has passed her permit test and has been let loose on the streets. At least when you've already survived one child learning to drive, it is a little easier....not much though. Sydni is a cautious driver which is a definite plus. I always forget the little part about pulling out into traffic. You say, "Go" and forget that there is usually at least a 30 second hesitation before they "Go". Making note to self, "Wait until there are NO cars in site in either direction."

We had a funny incident at the post office in a larger town. I'm telling her that if she backs up carefully, she won't be out into the busy street. Well, she did that perfectly. It was when the car that wanted her parking spot stopped the traffic and motioned her to go......she got so nervous that she sort of gassed the car and found out very quickly that she was STILL IN REVERSE!! She didn't go far....THANK GOD. By this time, she is completely flustered since the gentleman, FREAKED and drove on around her. Now, she had to deal with the traffic....next thing, I hear this loud squeaky noise.....the back windshield wiper. As we are turning around to find out what the noise was......the front wipers decide they aren't going to be out done.....schreeageeeee. All we needed now was for the radio to turn on full blast and I think Sydni would have given up driving all together.....rofl.

Needless to say, we survived.....I did notice that she kept wiping her hands on her pants...sweaty palms. Another day in parent-taught driver's ed. I wonder if driver's ed. teachers have to take out more insurance.....

If you are thinking about doing a parent-taught driver's ed. program, I highly recommend AAA Behind the Wheel program. For $140 (non-member), ALL of your children get to use the program. They will take a 16 chapter open-book test and if they pass, they can get their permit. I usually let them start the book part as soon as they turn 15....then by the time they turn 15 1/2, they are ready to take the test. Once they get their permit, you send in an affidavit to the state and you can begin logging the "driving hours". Once you've completed the training....about 6 months, they take a final exam at the AAA office. If they pass, they can go take the driver's test. I believe this is a much better approach then the 2 week intensive driving school.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vintage Curtains I Won on Ebay!!!

Wow, I think they will go great in my bedroom! If they don't, I'm sure they will work in the teens' room w/ their BRIGHT yellow. They are 1930's vintage....never even been hung!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Smell of Brownies.....MMMmmmMMmm

After using the self cleaner on my oven and making the house smell like chemicals....due to the new oven....I decided to change the scent and bake some brownies.....

Flea Market Find

I found this wonderful little table cloth at the flea market last weekend. Right now, I have it draped over the rocking chair. Not a bad deal for $2.00.

What Women Do When They Think No One is Looking

Yep, that's the look.....You've been busted!!! We women EAT and TALK and LAUGH!
Even though we are having a women's night.....we still manage to take care of our children.
Is that a SMILE? Her house must be close to being finished.The names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent.......

Thursday, January 17, 2008


This is evidence that Sydni was doing her school work today.....hmmm, I wonder why the use of the laptop. I hope it is because she was using the biology CD....or was it to make me THINK she was using the CD. It looks a little suspicious....

My HE Washer

I love this thing. It has cut my days of washing clothes in 1/2! I used to do at least 1 to 2 loads a day. Now I do about 4 loads a week!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More of the kitchen....

My kitchen sink. I want the apron front sink but they were VERY expensive. I do love the single sink. It came with a plastic tub to put in it to make a divided sink if needed. Believe it or not, the faucet cost more than the sink!!!
I finally got bar stools! I find myself sitting here more than in the livingroom.

More House....

My bargain light up close. I tried to pull the colors out and use them throughout the house. What is really neat about these is whatever color they are surrounded by, they reflect. In the kitchen with my green cabinets, the green really pops. In the hallway, the browns and yellows pop.
My laundry room. I'm still trying to get organized on the shelf. I've been looking for vintage wire baskets to use for storage. I LOVE my HE washer and dryer. The washer doesn't have an agitator...so, just dump and wash. It does HUGE loads as well...woohoo. The laundry room is just off the kitchen. That is the garage door to the left. The window looks out onto the front porch.

More Color

My bedroom. Notice I still have bare walls....I'm also looking for some cool end tables. I call the color on the wall Robin's egg blue, but my mother calls it aqua....it does have a green to it at certain times of the day.
My bathroom. I'm looking for a big antique mirror. That mirror is just an auction bargain and will go somewhere else in the house when I find the right mirror. The color on the wall is like sherbet orange....more melted sherbet. I love that the vanity is TALL. It hits me at my bellybutton. We did the single sink on purpose...we've share a sink for 20 years, why change now!!!

My Favorites in My House

This is my pantry door...I still need to paint it. It even creaks and slams like a big door. This one is only 24" wide.
This is my present from my dear hubby for Christmas. It is very sturdy and much better built than the Cracker Barrel chairs. I just need to paint and seal it. It is wide, not narrow and only cost $100.00.
This is a painting by one of the women at my church. The color of green matches my kitchen cabinets. I was given this painting at a silent auction. I bid on it but "lost" it. It was a surprise from a dear friend. Thank you Rick and Deb!!!
I have four different pictures of flowers....my flea market find. Each picture was $5.00. I'm going to hang them somewhere in my bedroom....I'm going add that pretty ribbon behind it to look like it is hanging from the ribbon.....

More of the house....

This is looking into the kitchen from the hallway. To the right is the office. I can stand at the sink and talk to everyone in the livingroom.
This is our woodstove. You can't see it from the pictures, but there is a brick in the wall from the church where we were married. It was torn down to make more room.
Notice the blank wall? I can't decide what I want to put there. The antique buffet is from an estate auction. Yes, those are rabbit ears...no cable or satellite here.
My pretty gaucamole cabinets!! I have old spoons to put on them for door pulls. My dh just hasn't done it yet....arrrggghhh. They are very difficult to open without handles.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My House....Entrance, Hall, Powder Room

This is my entrance. The front door was our splurge. The lighting is what set the decorating tone of the house. I bought six of those lights for $8.00 each on clearance. Once I got the lights all the other decorating themes just fell into place.
This is looking down the hallway from the entrance. The powder room is at the end of the hall. The three closed doors are closets. The open door is to the teens' room.
This is my bargain vanity. I got it at Lowe's 1/2 price...$250.00. I later found out it wasn't even supposed to be on clearance, it was a special order item for $498.00!!! Woohoo, it was my lucky day. The mirror is an antique w/ glass shelves...it comes from my husband's side of the family.

Dinner Tonight....

Tonight, we will be having Chicken Spaghetti.....no, it does not have a tomato base.



Cream of Mushroom

Sauteed onions & garlic

Spaghetti Noodles (cooked in the chicken broth)

Topped w/ crumbled Ritz crackers

Mix together and bake covered w/ foil at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

There is never any leftover, so I couldn't tell you if it is good as a leftover....ba haaaaaa.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Flea Market Finds

I had nothing better to do today than go "Flea Marketing". Ok, so I am stretching the truth....as I sit in the kitchen looking at the dirty dishes.

I love Pampered Chef stoneware and stumbled upon the round deep dish baker for......$6.00!! It was brand new! I also found some pretty floral pictures for my bedroom. Since moving into this house, I have very little on my walls.

I have an old yellow utility cart that my sister gave to me. I found a pink one today that would look awesome somewhere in my house for $17.50. I did not get it though....I am blogging about it so I will remember to go back and get it.

My daughter wants to get into the cake decorating business...at least at this very moment she does. It was her lucky day today. I found a wedding cake tier thingy...you put the cake on. It has columns and holds a big round cake and a little round cake. It was $3.00 at the thrift store. At a flea market, I found two heart shaped cake pans for $2.00 each.

The freakiest thing happened today also. I was commenting to a friend about the old pictures in flea markets, "Wouldn't it be weird to actually know someone in these pictures?" Well, guess what? I opened a drawer of an end table and it was full of pictures of my 9th grade science teacher. It was like her whole life pictures of just her. I don't think she ever married or had children. I'm not even sure she is still alive. The pictures spanned from baby to about when I had her as a teacher. This is the teacher that everyone would make fun of....she was just different. She collected rocks and cherished them. Kids would purposely drop them and break them when she would pass them around the room. It was really sad. Then here I am staring at her life in pictures. She was very beautiful as a young girl and woman. I believe something happened along the way. She was very elegant and then went to very plain Jane. Well, Ms. Stivers, wherever you are, I'm sorry if I ever did anything to make you think less of yourself and your abilities.

Social Friday

I thought I'd post about something our homeschool group started this year. It is called Social Friday. We noticed that anytime our group got together, it was structured. Even if we went to the zoo, it had some structure to it. So, we rent a building that is designed for use by children for three hours. There is a gym with volleyball. There are also pool tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables and board games. Once a month, we all meet there and just play and talk. We are not allowed to "plan" anything that requires knowing how many will be there.

If we want to do an "activity" such as a craft, we can post on the email loop what we want to do and then give a supply list for others to bring if they want to participate. It is up to each individual whether they want to have "structure". We charge $25 for the school year and that money goes towards the missions of the building. We also get a tax deduction. Each family also has to plan and carry out one other activity that doesn't interfere with Social Friday. So far, it has been a great success. I know my youngest now puts it on her calendar so she won't forget it. Thanks to M. for such a great idea!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pizza was Good!!!

Woo Hoo! The pizza was great. It wasn't great because the recipe was great. It was great because my oldest daughter MADE THE PIZZA!!! Any meal I don't have to cook is WONDERFUL!! She used a crust mix that we already had in the back of the refrigerator....from a previous whim. I forgot to tell her about the bell peppers, so we had sausage (Blue & Gold) with onions. She did an awesome job. Thank you Carly!!! I love you!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's for Dinner?

We are having homemade sausage, onion, green pepper pizza. I found an "easy" recipe on http://www.allrecipes.com/ for a crust. We have meetings tonight and I sure hope it is really easy. I'll let you know if it works out as easy as the hundreds of reviews say. I also need to mention Aldi's grocery store. If you have one near you, I'd encourage you to check it out. I can usually get a week's worth of groceries for my family of five for around $50.00. Of course you have to have a quarter for your grocery cart and you sack your own groceries. You do get the quarter back when you take your cart back. This really eliminates coming outside to find a cart scratching up your car. The store is usually very clean, unlike other sack your own grocery stores I've visited.

A Very Stormy Night

I didn't get much sleep last night due to a freaky January storm blowing through. I swear my husband CAN sleep through anything. We built a house and have only been living in it three months. I never worried so much during storms in the old house. In this house, I'm stressed by every little storm. I guess I should mention that it only took two weeks to have to make an insurance claim on the house due to another storm that blew through unexpectantly. I just went outside to look around and it looks like mostly tree branches...which were loose from the ice storm we had about a month ago. It also looks like we have several new "ponds" around the place. I hope this isn't a precursor of what is to come this spring.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oh the fun of shopping!

I can't imagine what it was like dressing up to go grocery shopping. I am excited that farmer's markets are making a huge come-back. Maybe, just maybe one day I'll get all fancied up and go to the farmer's market. I wonder what kind of looks I'll get....ba haaaaaaa. I do good to put on make-up before leaving the house....who am I kidding? I love looking at vintage photos. I wish I could just frame them all and put them all over my house.

Happy New Year and Happy Wedding

I guess the entire family is going to get this sickness....and on top of that, I heard that this thing tends to make a comeback....aaaakkkkk. I firmly believe that Mucinex is a gift from God! My beautiful neice, Valerie got married last night. Pretty much the entire bride's side coughed all the way through the ceremony. I tried to stifle my cough one time and got choked and created a much louder choking noise than if I would have just coughed. Thank goodness she didn't videotape the wedding.....they wouldn't have heard a thing! If Valerie reads this......I wish you all the love in the world. You had such a beautiful wedding...right up my alley....simple, yet elegant. You were beautiful! Mrs. McClure......hmmmm, sounds so old.....I love you!

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