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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Believe in the Future of Agriculture (FFA).....and a rant.

As you probably already know, my dearly beloved is
an Agriculture Education Instructor.
aka FFA Advisor.
Back in 1989, the Future Farmers of America
became politically correct and changed
to Agriculture Education....instead of Vo-Ag.
Their creed used to say,
"I believe in the future of farming..."
Now....it is agriculture.
If you have anything negative to say about
farming, you'd better not say it with a mouth
full of food......or any clothes on your back......or
in a house/building....
Just sayin'

Do you realize that a lot of schools are cutting back on
Agriculture Education to make way
for more COLLEGE-BOUND classes.
If YOU believe in the future of AGRICULTURE/FARMING,
you will make sure that your local
school keeps their program.
Not every child HAS to go to college to become a
productive citizen and it is time we appreciate
their choice.

I have a college degree in education.
I stayed home with my child for a year and had
an in-home child care.
I only had 3 of 7 children allowed.
I made $200 LESS than I did as a teacher.
What would I have made if I carried a FULL load?
College isn't for everyone, so why are we
making them take higher-level classes
when they can't even reconcile their checkbooks?
I see day after day, children who have so much homework
they have no outside life.

They can define biology terms, but can't wash a load of laundry.
They can make an awesome science fair project, but can't sew on a button.
They can read a required book, but know nothing about fixing a stopped up drain.

We as parents are just as guilty.
We micro-manage our children.
I see it every day.
Give a group of children some free-time on a playground
and watch what happens....FIGHTS, BULLYING and BLANK LOOKS.
They don't even know how to PLAY anymore unless
it is totally structured and micro-managed.
If they don't have 3 hours of homework, they have 3 hours of sports practice....
because we ALL know that they can one day make it BIG.
(insert eye rolling)

Parents, you are TEACHERS whether you  have a degree or not!
You need to be a TEACHER and not a DOER!
Take time to TEACH your child some basics, don't DO IT for them!
Yes, it is easier to do it yourself.
Yes, it does take time to teach.
Yes, the rewards are endless.
You will have a child who becomes INDEPENDENT!
Why are we so afraid of that word when it comes to
our children?
What happened to giving them roots AND wings?

Instead, we put their feet in cement blocks
and more or less throw them to the bottom of the ocean.
What happens if something happens to YOU?
See where the cement blocks are going to get them.

Stop letting the "world" dictate what your child needs!
If your child already has everything by the time they get out on their own,
why would they want to WORK to get stuff they already have?

What does YOUR child have?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unique Baby Gift

One of my great friends had her 2nd child last week.
Since this child is another boy, it is sort of hard
to come up with ideas for gifts.
I decided to make a keepsake.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Military Portraits for a Wedding Invitation

Meet Matt and Jenna.
I was so excited when I found out Matt is in the military.
(Thank you Matt for doing your job so I can do my job!)

I heard Matt has a great sense of humor.
I got the brilliant idea to do the "Palace Guard"
Jenna dances around her soldier trying to distract him....

Show him a little leg, and BAM! he looks....
we found his weakness.....
This was not planned AT ALL...I SWEAR.
He really looked when she hiked up her dress...
How cute is that????

He couldn't control it.....

How precious is she!!!
I could just snatch her up and run away with her.

This is one of my favorite poses....

I love how old abandoned buildings look
in a photograph!

This is something new I tried....after all, I did have a
bunch of scrabble pieces just setting in a jar.
Notice, he is holding her engagement ring.

See!! I swear she was dropped in a bowl of sugar
as a baby......sigh.....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dave Ramsey Cash Envelopes/Wallets

 We started the official Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University
a few weeks ago.
I have always used the envelope method but got away from actually
using the envelopes...because they tore.
I used the big bulky plastic coupon organizer for years.

I found a great YOUTUBE tutorial on
making a zippered pouch.
She wasn't as detailed as I needed.....I broke 2 needles
learning how to put in the ding dang zippers.
I FINALLY got it!!!
Now I can whip them out in 25 minutes!!!
These used to be ONE pillow case.
Total cost for each was approximately $1.75 to make.
When I get better, I will make a tutorial...but you can go to
youtube and search zippered pouch and get several
In case you wanted to know, we have completed baby step #1.
We are plowing through #2.....

Oklahoma Sunset.....God is Good All the Time!

Out my back door.....

And heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss

And my heart turns violently inside of my chest

I don't have time to maintain these regrets

When I think about the way

Oh, how He loves us, oh

Oh, how He loves us, how He loves all

How He loves

(Dave Crowder Band)

Want to

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