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Saturday, August 2, 2008


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The lucky winner of my Secret Vintage Giveaway is.....

Make sure you check out her neat blog!!!


Here is what our lucky winner will be receiving courtesy of the UNITED POSTAL SERVICE.....

Prize includes:

6 vintage lamb birthday candle holders

6 vintage penguin birthday candle holders

6 vintage panda bear birthday candle holders

Numerous vintage PINK buttons

Vintage wooden thread spools with the thread

One vintage dressmaker pencil

One not so vintage package of vintage looking flower seeds

One large vintage porcelain doll

One small vintage porcelain doll

One vintage hankie with pink embroidery

One vintage tan tablecloth

and my favorite...

7 World War I letters to home!

Birthday Candle Holders


I have NO idea why this picture is turned sideways...it only does it on here. Notice it is a VALENTINE'S Day Letter!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered...keep checking back for more giveaways.

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Daphne said...

Happy 100th post! And thanks for stopping by my site!!


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