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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I've Been TAGGED....

I've been tagged by MY BIG MOUTH to tell you SIX things about myself that SOME of you might not already know about me. Make sure you check out her great blog!!!

Six Things You May Wish You NEVER Knew About Me:

1. I probably never went to the bathroom by myself in the middle of the night until I was 15. This is due to the fact that my Papa scared the bejeebies out of me when I was so little....I DON"T EVEN REMEMBER IT.....I just always felt like there was impending DOOM waiting me if I walked through the house in the dark. My older sister would stomp all the way upstairs in the middle of the night at my calling just to turn on the light and even wait for me.....swearing she wasn't EVER going to do it again. Also, need to know that she was the ONLY one sleeping down stairs...everyone else was UPSTAIRS with ME....and she was the only one who would SAVE ME! I LOVE YOU JULIE!!!!

2. When I started college, I wanted to be a child psychologist.....but quickly figured that SCARING MY OWN CHILDREN might get my license taken away.....ba haaaaaa. No, I didn't want to have to go for more than 4 years to college....so, I took the easy route and got my elementary education degree. I still would love to dabble in psychology though.

3. I deplore Olive Garden's ravioli....it tastes like the SMELL of a wet dog to me! I've tried it on more than one occasion...and the same results each time.

4. I have at least ONE nightmare a night.....I almost don't know what it is like to have a DREAM. I CANNOT fly in my dreams either...which my sister can do with ease.....all I can do is jump high enough to get away from the boogie monster that is always after me. I'm sure this goes back to my Papa also.......traumatized.......

5. I went to my husband's senior prom with him and then 3 years later, he went to my senior prom with me......oh I know, quit gushing........isn't it ROMANTIC? Oh, it was 1983 and '86 for your information.

6. When I was 14, my mother went out of town and left her FRIEND's car for my sister to drive......well, MY FRIEND and I used CHANGE to buy gas and drove the dickens out of that car....yes, I broke into my piggy bank and paid for gas with PENNIES. I even pulled up to a stop light and waved at the cop next to me.....STUPID. I never got caught....and I'm sure my mom will read this and think that I NEVER told her, BUT I DID tell her......about a year ago......ba haaaaaaa....REMEMBER MOM?


This is my good friend who is an amazing cancer survivor and Christ follower.

Yep, my mom has a blog and of course YOURS TRULY has to help her with it....so it isn't updated as much as it needs to be. Make sure you leave a comment on her blog and let her know she needs to update more often.

If you go waaaaaaay back to the beginning of this blog, you will get to read about the wonderful experience of starting a family......and unfortunately, losing some family. I love reading these blogs and feeling like I now know this family.....well, THIS family, I DO KNOW....but there are others that I like also.


Dennis & Summer Rains said...

Aaaaahhhh, you are so very kind! Missed you today, hope you are feeling better. Love ya, neighbor-to-be!

Liisa said...

Oh you make me laugh!

I don't necessarily call them nightmares but I have frustrating dreams where I am lost or I can't find something almost every night and they always take place in some really creepy place - weird!


MyBigMouth said...

I use to have several nightmares a night.I was always being attacked by a dark figure.I started some serious prayer over it and soon they faded to one every 2 weeks or so.No clue why I have them.Good luck on getting rid of yours.

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