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Friday, August 15, 2008

1950's Look....What Do You Think?

Ok, I know some of you wanted to see the new glasses. Well, I couldn't get the ones I posted about due to insurance reasons. These are the next best thing. I am really enjoying looking into the mirror....tee heee.
Photo credit: Regan age: 12...will be 13 tomorrow


Blissful Nikki said...

I love these! If I had to wear glasses, these would be my pick! They are so chic, you look GREAT!! :)

My Bucket List said...

Whow, that is such a GOOD picture of you. Wish I could see ALL of the dress! And the glasses look terrific!....think I had a pair like that when I was close to your age :)
Love ya,

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Ooo, polka dots and pearls! Doesn't get much better than that...
Oh wait, it does.. with those awesome glasses and a 50's hairdo!!

Love it. Just curl the bangs more to be true to period.
This gal second on the left, her do would look fab on you!

The wave clips I have are vintage and extremely hard to find. If you come across any, GRAB them. They usually fetch a high price on ebay. The clips from Sally's will give you more of a crimped effect. Not so nice unfortunately.

Kim said...

Love it. It's you. You go girl.

MyBigMouth said...

LOVE the new look Traci!
I have a black and white polka dot dress that I am sure to wear thin lol.
I always wear my red dress shoes with it.I'll have to find the picture to show you.
Lol @ at not remembering what flamingo thing you saw,you sound just like me..lol

Farmchick said...

love the glasses! I have ones similar but more rectangular and the bows are leopard print!

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hello, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I was just laughing at your 'being tagged' entry about not getting up in the dark when I (sitting in complete darkness)heard a crash just outside my window (its 5am in the UK and I live in the country so it is pitch black out there)gosh I nearly died, but it was just my naughty kitten who I have let out for the first time knocking over a plant pot. Ive let her out during the night while its quiet and Ive stayed up all night to keep an eye on her.... anyway I digress, back to reading your blog. Just like your wet dog smell, I dont like ice cream (sundaes in the USA?)wafers because they taste like the smell of gas LOL! Great blog by the way. Now I must go and try and get the kitten to come in so I can go to bed, LOL! Mandy

Liisa said...

I love them they are so cute! You look lovely too - I love pearls! ~smile~


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