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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Passive Aggressive.....

Passive-aggressive: Pertaining to behavior in which feelings of aggression are expressed in passive ways as, for example, by stubbornness, sullenness, procrastination, or intentional inefficiency.

Yep, I've found the culprit....the pillow stealing THIEF!

It isn't the neighbor's dog as I was told by my Father-In-Law and my dear hubby.....NOOoooOooo.

I woke up early this a.m. to get ready for church and BEFORE the girls went outside to feed....therein lies how I caught the little booger.
When the girls go out to feed, the thief goes greet them......and looks all innocent.

Here is where the rocking chair pillow was found this morning.....mind you, it gets farther and farther away each morning. This is actually around the SIDE of the house this time. Yesterday, it was at the corner of the house. The day before that, it was not quite to the corner. The day before that, it was at the end of the porch.....you get my drift.
I'd swear the thing HAD LEGS and was trying to find the couch it came from!

It was BUBBA!

Now, let me tell you about BUBBA! This is a STRAY dog that showed up when our goat dog was in heat and he has NEVER LEFT. We liked BUBBA because he was TRAINED to sit, load into a pick-up, lie down. He had an aggressive personality when it came to other male dogs and eventually was so THUMPED by our BIG DOG, RASCAL. Now, he just pretends to be TOUGH.

We also think BUBBA was an inside dog....why do we think this? Because he will just walk right in the house if given the opportunity. So, we would let him sleep in the garage every now and then. Well, it got so hot in the garage, we wouldn't let him in. This is where the PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE comes into play....

He is mad he doesn't have an INDOOR place to sleep, so he chooses my chair.....MINUS the pillow. You'd think he would ENJOY a soft cushy PILLOW....nope, he takes it out and sleeps in the HARD CHAIR.

So, just what is BUBBA....what does the terrible pillow thieving dog look like?



Farmchick said...

Ohhhhhhhh well he just looks sooo sweet how can you be upset with him??? lol

Oh and answer to your question the other day...yes we harvest our sunflowers.....they are Nu Sun Dehulls which means they can be used for oil or dehulled and just the meat used in things like trailmix ect!!!!

Have a great day!

Have a great day!

Liisa said...

Oh my goodness! That is too funny - well maybe it would be so funny if it was my pillows...no.... it would still be funny! Glad you finally caught the thief!

Our computer is going in for repairs and an upgrade tomorrow so I don't know when I will have internet back again. But I have some posts scheduled for my blog and I will let you know when I am back on line so we can continue with the Bible study...I really enjoyed it.


Kim said...

Poor Bubba

Dennis & Summer Rains said...

Looks like a criminal master mind to me! Hehehehe! I think Bubba needs a dog house!

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