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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Trip Thru the Lock and Dam #17

LOOK! There it is!

A closer view of the lock and dam that we will be entering on our boat.

Pulling the chain to alert them of our arrival to the lock.

Notice the watermark on the wall...that is where the water will be when we LEAVE the lock.

We are greeted by the engineer, Mr. Owens. He gives us pamphlets to make sure we know the rules of the lock next time we come. Notice he has a pole w/ a clamp on it. This is so he can lower the stuff to us.

This is the control tower and where they can blow a very loud siren to let us know when they will be releasing the water. It also alerts us to when we will be releasing our water aka PEE...sheesh, scared it right out of us!

Look carefully! There is a bird that waits there as the water goes down inside the lock....fish get caught on the ledges of the gate. EASY FISHING!

The water is up to the fill line and the gates open to let us out. Notice the watermark line on the wall.

A little visitor that wanted to travel through the lock also.....ICK!! I was ok w/ him as long as he didn't decide to take a boat ride.

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kenziekylanmom said...

How fun is that? I didn't even know we could do that in this area. I wish we would have known about it when we had a boat because my kiddos whould have loved it. Sadly we sold our boats and can't do that anymore!

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