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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quick Update....

It is THAT time of year again....the spring stockshows!!!
We are heading from here to there.....dragging the animals around....dragging the kids around....eating at too many restaurants....
So, I'll try to post in between the madness!!!
In the meantime....
If you forget, it could be a baaaaaaahhhhdd thing.....you
might show up EARLY to church on Sunday!!!


Misty said...

Ooh...that was BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHDDDD! lol! Hope you all are doing well - I might not get to post often, but I DO read your posts. My mom is on her way from Tulsa to hang out today, so I'm not gonna post again today either, but I AM getting my kitchen clean! AND I COOKED Indian food last night - I only used ONE Ready to Eat package! :o) I'm getting better! WOO-HOO! Take care and be blessed!

Rains Family said...

We miss you!!!! give all the "kids" hugs! Have fun at the shows! I can't wait to see the pics you take there, I especially enjoy the ones where people don't know you're watching.

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