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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Neat Finds from Last Week


Retro clock I got for a whopping $2.50 at Ross Dress for Less

It is NOT a wind up clock...uses batteries.

Even the little hands glow in the dark!

Right now its home is in the bathroom....I'm actually looking

for a chippy little metal shelf to put it on right by our sink.

We have a problem with the OKLAHOMA WIND blowing

items off of our back porch. The mornings are a wonderful

place to sit and drink coffee...when the wind isn't blowing.

I'm slowing finding furniture that I feel can withstand the

wind....and this bench is proof.

Last night we had severe storms blow in and this 10 ft. baby

didn't BUDGE!!!

Now, what to do with it....

Should I paint it?

Should I add pillows?
(even with a "pillow thief" look at the picture under my heading)

I am hoping the stupid dog enjoys the pillow he has now

claimed and won't take anymore of my pillows!

What is really funny about the pillow thing is that once


it is like the chase is over....he never moves it from the

spot he put it....he used to drag the thing all around, making SURE

I saw it every time I walked outside.

Now, I only see it when coming up the driveway...lol.

I added this picture just so you can see

the SIZE of the pillow thief!

He is the size of a SMALL HORSE and eats MORE than a REGULAR HORSE!


foxxy said...

Oh my! Even a dog needs a soft place to put his head. I have an honest scrap award for you on my blog if you'd like to accept it.

Julie said...

Thank you for your sweet comment and praying for me...it brought tears to my eyes. I would love your e-mail address...mine is...jewles2@centex.net

Mama Koch said...

I'd leave the bench plain...'cause I KNOW how the wind blows. BUT...if you have a Gordman's, they had their outside cushions on sale.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I think I'm in love with that bench. It looks so big and sturdy!
I think it would look so great and welcoming with pillows, but you know that "theif" can't be trusted. He may just come and grab one...just cuz he can! You're pretty handy though, I'll bet you could make it so that the pillows are tied on somehow...and with the winds, it seems you'd have to figure out a way to keep them put anyhow.

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