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Friday, November 6, 2009

Gettin' My Vintage On....

I am sooooo excited!! Tulsa is FINALLY having
a TOTALLY VINTAGE show! No crafts baby!!
I am going to be there like it is BLACK FRIDAY tomorrow morning!!
I might as well be a kid waiting to go to Disney World!!
I'm sure I'm going to have trouble sleeping....
Do you think they will let me take my camera???
Maybe if I give them that certain little smile...and bat my eyes....


Sherri Boyce said...

I want to move back to Tulsa! You get all the good stuff! Pout, pout.

Staci said...

Man, I so want to go to this next time they have one. Have you ever been to the Rink in OKC? Great vintage stuff mixed in with junk.

Want to

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