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Friday, December 11, 2009

Country Living MUST See THIS House!!

I am so excited to show this house to you!!
This house is sooooo Christmassy, that even the jolly ol' man
comes here to RELAX! (No, not talking about Ron...ba haa)
You might remember this home from the PRIMITIVE HOUSE TOUR I did early this year....
Donna has made a special retreat just so he can be at one with the peace
everyone else seems to enjoy at this time of year.

Look! There is even a special Santa wreath to make him feel even more special!
You have to click on the picture to look at this wreath up close.....look at all
the vintage Santas.

See! No stress on that face!

Let's take a look around the rest of the house....
Here is the antique stove that gets a regular paint job...

The Hoosier cabinet...w/ Santa himself.

A cookie cutter wreath in the kitchen!!! Look at the tree to the right!
I love the Santa hats for valance....

There is so much to look at in this house...I would
surely crash your computer because I could show a ton of

Santa hats for the CHAIRS.....isn't that adorable?

There is more to show...haven't even made it to the bedrooms....
stay tuned....
Special thanks to Donna for letting me do this....and if you know someone at Country Living or any other magazine....CONTACT ME....I can HOOK you up!!!

I am participating in some home tours in the blog world (Click the links):


Dana and Daisy said...

I do remember your friends house from the primitive house tour! I was hoping you'd get to show it to us all decked for the holidays! I love the frosty snow phone! how cute! And oh I have always wanted a collection of the Santa Mugs, but rarely find them. That's because your friend has them all! ha ha!

Thanks for sharing this with us! What a fun place to celebrate Christmas!

Rains Family said...

So awesome!!! My mother in law would flip if she saw all thos Santa mugs...she has Santa mugs for all of us to use when we do our Rains Christmas, but a few have been broken and as the family grows, it's hard to find cute Santa ones...I think she's decided to get snowmen now because they are easier to find. I bet some of those are very old.

My Big Mouth said...

I recognized the house and wow!!
They really go all out don't they.
They'd almost have to have a decorating party or else they are super energetic.
I would have collapsed!
Its very festive,I love it!

Drama Momma said...

Love it! I'm going to make my own Santa hat valance tonight! Great ideas! Her house is awesome!!!

Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

WOW! Is that phone a vintage one or has it been dazzled? I love the mugs and the tree with all the goodies under it.

this blessed nest said...

A santa phone????
you've GOT to be kidding me!!!
simply amazing stuff. there is so much to look through. the santa hats for a garland are great. i love a good garland or two, or three.:)

happy weekend!!!

My Bucket List said...

I think I'll not decorate this year and just post pictures of Donna's handiwork around the house!!.........works for me!!
Great job, Donna! Wish I had your energy, imagination and storage places....

Rue said...

That house is amazing! It's so nice to see someone love Christmas that much :)


Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

WOW! It's amazing. Merry Christmas.

Territory Mom said...

My flab is waving back at you. I love your blog. I did a post on both my blogs so everyone (which isn't that many people) I knew will visit you. I think I love you. I'm not really a weirdo.

lonestar said...

Wow, that is amazing! Love the Santa bubble bath :)

Marie said...

Very very cool. That's obviously taking years to get together. Thanks for sharing.

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