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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pie Making Class 101

 Our cooking class is still going full force.
These classes are held on Wednesday evenings along
with numerous other classes.
The skill for this class was pre-determined due to
our annual spaghetti dinner.
We serve homemade pies for dessert.
 This girl, whipped her crust out so fast!
These pictures are taken in order....and as
you can see, I hadn't even got started.
 We were too busy talking and not multi-tasking.
That lady in the gray shirt...well, this is her very
first experience with making a pie crust.
 Here is my jagged crust!
 This is the other 1/2 of the crust...our recipe made 2 crusts.
 This is my friend, Chelle.
She was not liking pie baking 101 one bit!
This girl can do just about anything.
She is our GREEN QUEEN.
She can recycle anything.
She even takes her own plates, etc. if she
knows there is going to be "throw away" dishes.
She will be famous some day with her own GREEN QUEEN
show....just wait and see.
 You are looking at 3 generations working
on pie crusts.
The one in the brown is our teacher, Missy.
She even processes her own chickens....ewwwww.
She laughs when I gag.
 Here is my first crust.  SWEET.
 I am pretty sure this Pooh's first pie also.
 So, flour on the booty....hmmm...
 Here is the bottom crust ready to get the high fructose filling
added to it.
Yes, I popped open a can and poured!!
That stuff was EXPENSIVE.  It took 2 cans at $3.00 a pop.
 Here is Steph all proud and such.
 Look!  She even made a lattice top!
 Just call me Betty, Betty Crocker!
 See, because I used the high fructose filling
I was able to spend more time being
creative on the top crust!
 Gotta love the large church ovens......
 The pies are starting to come out of the oven......
 My crust wasn't golden because I didn't have
any egg to brush on it....but it still turned
I want to thank Lea Bevins for helping with the
creativity on it.
The crust was FLAKY!!
This is a pumpkin pie I made for the spaghetti dinner...
which ended up being so pretty I kept it to show off.
I did make another one plus 2 Oreo pies to take to
the spaghetti dinner.
I want to thank MsTimmy and Juanita for
helping when I was realllllly stressing
about making a COMPLETE homemade pie.
The people you meet on the Internet are AMAZING!!


Julie said...

My pie was yummy and the crust was extra flakey. I would enjoy cooking more if I had as much fun at home as I do during class.

The Gaelic Wife said...

Beautiful pies! Where did you get that measuring rolling mat? I'm very envious.

carolina nana said...

yummmmmm,shame on you,now I'm going to have to go get something to eat. To bad I don't have any pie ! Yours sure look good,my crust never turn out really pretty.Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Dawn said...

What a fun activity! Your pie turned out quite nice.

Loved your pictures.

Mama Koch said...

Did you try my crust recipe?

Looks like fun...looks like MY kitchen during pie baking season.

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