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Saturday, February 5, 2011

52 NEW Recipes in 2011 (#5)


Besides the fact that I've never EVER had bourbon and had to go
to the liquor store to get some.....just know that I live in a very small
town with at least 3 liquor stores.  Eyebrows still raise if your
car is seen at one.....

Sooooo, I made sure I advertised on facebook that should
one see my car at the liquor store....I was there to get some bourbon for a recipe.
Then I made sure to ask for input on the best kind of bourbon....I got several
comments.  I am very glad I did this because I would have
bought the GIANT bottle that is on the shelf.

Did you know they are very sly and keep smaller sizes BEHIND the counter.
I thought it was so people would buy the bigger one....but to my bigger
surprise....it is because of THEFT....much easier to slide into a pocket or purse.

If we are going to park 3 parking lots over and sneak to the liquor store, we
certainly aren't going to try to steal it and chance getting BUSTED.

 This recipe is reallllly easy.
It has few ingredients.
Now, either I put way too much breading on it
or the recipe is waaaaaay off.
 It calls for 8 boneless skinless breasts.

 Here is the breading....butter, pecans, bread crumbs.
 I only got THREE breasts coated......
I didn't think they were huge breasts either.

 So, I made up somewhat of another batch....I didn't have
enough bread crumbs.
I managed to squeak out enough for one more breast.

 Here is the bourbon and other stuff cooking....
I know you are thinking it....YES!  I did take a small
swig of the bourbon just to see if I might like it.
The answer is NO!
It tastes like rubbing alcohol to me!
 I poured the sauce over the cooked breasts
and put them in the oven to keep warm.
 Dinner is served!!!!
This really easy to make.
It took ONE hour to get it on the table...even with
the fry time.
Yah, I know, he is back in his chair.....
and multi-tasking talking to his buddy, Bobby.
I will make sure I double the ingredients next time.
We are loving the new recipe adventure....so far,
we have liked all the new recipes!!



The Gaelic Wife said...

That sounds dee-lish. I'll put it on my to-try list.

Territory Mom said...

This sounds wonderful!! You should enter the Pillsbury Bake-Off contest.

kenziekylanmom said...

I'm doing the 52 new recipe challenge too, this one looks soooo good BUT Kevin is allergic to chicken. DARN him, I'm gonna save this recipe for when he's gone on his golf trip!

Mama Koch said...

Do I dare ask what kind of bourbon you bought? It shouldn't of tasted that bad!

I need to try this....yes(VBG) I have bourbon already!

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