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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Maternity Portraits

Meet Tye and Kaci.
Kaci has one of those bodies we wish we had while pregnant.
Who am I kidding, we would take that body ANYTIME!!!

I was scared to death to do this photo shoot.
I've never had the husband show up.
After this, I will REQUIRE the husband to
be a part of the session.

A pregnant woman is a beautiful thing.

But, a pregnant woman with her husband......sigh......

Yep!  This silhouette will go down as one of my
true works of art. 

Big sister said little sister says "HI".
She told us so and we believe her!!!

I do believe this is one of my all time favorite family
pictures......look at the genuine laugh and enjoyment.

Fairy love.

Yep, it's a girl.
Thanks Tye and Kaci for trusting me.


Heather said...

Great pictures!!! Love them so much I got all misty-eyed!

Gracie said...

Truly amazing! =)

Nancy said...

These came out great! I love the one of them kissing. So charming!

Brooke @ Rural Gone Urban said...

Great post!

Angie Berry said...

Wonderful pictures! You definitely captured their love for each other and their family. Love them all!

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