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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Farmers' Market - Okie Style.

Our little town sets right where 2 state highways intersect.
Every corner has been bought up by chain stores.
We have Walgreens Pharmacy, Taco Bell/KFC, and Arby's.
The fourth corner is a small but wonderful little
park area.
Unfortunately, the rumor-mill says that it will soon
be another chain store.  :(

During the summer months, the little park is used on Saturdays
for a farmers' market.
My oldest daughter, Carly, is a massage therapist trying to
get her business off the ground.
I got the bright idea to have her set up at the farmers' market
with her massage chair.
Of course mom had to go with her.....
she did pretty decent her first Saturday.
I, however, was bored.....
so, I got the bright idea to sell some of my
homemade yeast rolls.

We got creative and made a sign....

Carly got a fancy rug....and customers.

I made 4 dozen rolls.
I sold out.

Then I started adding lemonade to my products.
I sold out.

I really enjoy it.
I am a people person if you haven't figured it out yet.
I get to spend 4 hours every Saturday just
chatting it up with locals and distants.
(My hair is fried, it was windy)

Even Summer got into the market....she
makes homemade laundry soaps, cleaning spray, and bug spray...ALL NATURAL.

If you have a local farmers' market, take time to visit.
Take time to get to know the vendors.....
Go away knowing you are supporting LOCAL people
and not the big chain stores.  Yah, the prices might
be higher, but the service is so much better
and you are remembered each week.
I will be very sad if the chain store does come
and tear down our little piece of paradise to
put up a parking lot..... :(
I will try to do a post of all the vendors for
you next week.


Farmchick said...

Great idea! I am just preparing to go to our Farmer's Markets here...I am a farmer afterall! ;) Would love for you to share your recipe for your rolls. Stop over and say hi...are you still having problems posting? If so...email me I may be able to help. farmchickskitchen@yahoo.com

Angie Berry said...

What fun that would be!! I think it's awesome that you are making it a family event! You all look so cute and I love the way you have things displayed! One thing I've learned from 19 years of retail... it's all about the display! =]

I have been thinking about making up laundry detergent to sell but never even thought about the local farmer's market. Catoosa has started one on Saturday mornings "Market on the River". Hmmm....

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