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Monday, August 4, 2008

Aren't I Cute?

When I went out to get some pictures to share with you.....this goat was ready for HER mug to be taken. What mother couldn't love a face like that? If you aren't familiar with goats, they have personalities like dogs and curiosity of cats. While I was trying to shoot goats in a different pen, this little GAL kept pulling on my shorts....so, I just HAD to get a close-up of HER.
Edited to change sex of goat to a HER after being informed by my daughter that this is a DOE And not a wether....ba haaaa. I didn't pay any attention....there are usually just BOY goats out in these pens.


Liisa said...

So cute! How I wish we had a home in the country!


Chas said...

Sounds like somebody needs a little pink bling...

I've actually had people refer to my son (who was dressed entirely in blue with little trucks all over his shorts) as a "she", so sometimes even the color doesn't help.

What a cutie

Dennis & Summer Rains said...

aaaahhhh, they're so cute! I'm a pig gal myself, but goats are pretty nifty!

MyBigMouth said...

Isn't she adorable!
When I was about 12,my mom had to start drinking goats milk(a medical reason).So,she bought a goat and bought me a billy.
I loved him sooo much!
By the way,I tagged you on my blog,please have a look!

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