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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Have You Seen My Groom?

One skeleton head from Wal-mart.
One thrifted bridal veil that I tea-stained.
One bridal bouquet spray painted black much to the dismay of my daughter who caught it.
One silver TINY candlebra.
Total investment = $6.00
Looks on my kids' faces....PRICELESS!!


Farmchick said...

You are just a HOOT! That is too funny! Have a great day!


kenziekylanmom said...

What did your kids say when they saw this? Mine would have freaked out and Kylan probably would have want the skull to play pirates with!

fly baby in OKC said...

I LOVE it! You are so hilarious! :o)

Chas said...

That's too funny! I just love Halloween. I can't wait to see what fun & kooky ideas you have next.

My Big Mouth said...

Lol,What a great halloween prop idea!
I Love it!
You are so creative.

Vintage Mommy said...

Great pictures and I loved your comment on my blog! :)

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