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Monday, March 1, 2010

GOALS 2010 February Update

February 2010 Goals had some successes and some failures.
We did NOT get to clean the rooms in the old house. We changed from doing the bedrooms to just the livingroom and we just didn't get it done. Now, we will have the task of doing the bedrooms AND the front porch/storage! We will either continue w/ the livingroom and porch or bedrooms and porch.
I have kept up my daily devotionals and missed only 6 days in February...once again, the weekends tend to be my weakness.
Yah, FAILURE on the eating out.....that's all I'm saying about that.
Doing pretty good on my FlyLady Zones. Not perfect, but keeping things flowing. I did make my bed just about every day!! This month, I want to add sweeping the kitchen floor EVERY night before bed....we live on a farm...need I say anymore?
Still too wet to do the culvert....
I have lost a total of 12 lbs. I am shooting for 5 lbs. a month. I was successful for January and February....even eating out...woohoooo. I think my other 1/2 has lost over 20 lbs. sheesh....to be a guy!!
Ok, I totally messed up the Feb. monthly goal of 15 min. of moving activity daily....I thought I was supposed to do 15 min. of devotional time...LOL. So, guess that will be my March "NEW" thing. I am doing quite well with the water...I had ONE pop in two months....and it was not GOOD either....spew, gag, cough.
We cashed in our change jars and had a grand total of $224.00! We are 1/2 way to our $500.00 goal for the goat fence, which needs to be done by April 1st. I also sold some stuff and added to this fund!! Remember, we are trying to get the money from something else than our regular budget...we are being "creative".
We listed some items on Craigslist and had numerous people contact us, but no sales. I need to re-list since it has been 30 days, but have to wait til we aren't neck-deep in stockshows.
Well, feel free to join me in Goals 2010 and let me know how you are progressing!!!

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carolina nana said...

Hi Traci, I'm a goal setter also,each month I have things I want to get done,so far so good this year with only 2 months down! Have a blessed evening Marilyn

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