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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Easy Outdoor Game to Make for ALL Ages

This is a bean bag toss game.
I think I saw it on the Family Fun website.
1 cheap tarp. ( I used two...one in the back to knock down the bean bags so we wouldn't have to go swim across the pond to get the ones thrown by future Olympians)
Duct tape. ( used the patriotic theme)
Something to hang the tarps with....bungee cords.
Bean bags, balls, balloons filled with flour, etc.
(I got a package of bean bags at the party supply store)

Mark off the designs with the duct tape....one must do this with someone who doesn't get distracted by a moth that lands on her arm thus making this process of making the game go SOUTH very fast! I shall not mention any names, because she is OLD....like 50.....like just turned it, like....SQUIRREL....yah, just like the dog on the movie, "UP". Terri.
Then, just cut out the INSIDE of the shapes.
Make sure the LARGE shapes have small point values and the SMALL shapes have the LARGE point values.
Make sure you make TWO throwing lines for young children and adults.
Be really careful what types of things you use to throw....
should an "adult" who thinks he can throw REALLY HARD stand
on the KIDDIE line....terrible things happen if someone walks in front
of him....JUST SAYIN'.
I SWEAR, I had NO IDEA he could throw that hard....completely knocked off her upper body.....WOW!!!
Just look at the guilty look on his face!!

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