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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Break from the Office/Studio Makeover...

Since I can't paint today due to a very busy schedule, I thought I would share some pics from the local car show here in June.
I would ride this motorcycle in a heart beat!!
I have been considering buying a classic car for an everyday car...does anyone know if they can be driven every day?

My mechanic swears it would be cheaper than my VW wagon I have now.....

I would HAVE to have and a/c...that is just not an option in humid OKLAHOMA.

So, I figured if they let this truck in the show.....

They would have to let any car in the show.....

I asked the guy what category he was in....he said, "junk". LOL

Yes! That is a BIRD on the motor....and when he shuts the hood, there is a hole that lets the little bird maintain his spot on the engine.
Who am I kidding....there isn't even a hood.

Look! That is my VW! Isn't it PURTY?
Look! That is my DH! Isn't he SWEET?

What is that???
Is that a ribbon on my VW?
I feel so.....'pecial!!
No, I didn't win a ribbon in the car show.
I was just parked by them, and decided to put the ribbon on there and make people look twice...LOL. You can't really tell in the picture...but it is caked in dirt and dust....which is REALLY funny at a car show!
I hope you have a beautiful Thursday....I am going to spend some time with some great women at Bible Study.

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Lindy said...

I used to drive a '66 Chevelle to work every day. I loved that car. I sold it because it had some rust problems and my husband had his eye on a truck. I should have stood my ground. How cool would I look in a '66Chevelle all fixed up and painted?? I say go for it!

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