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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 GOALS

Yes, I will once again post my goals for the new year.
I found it really helped me to stay focused in 2010.
Honestly, I felt like I fell off the goal wagon in 2010.
I wasn't even going to go back and look at the list.
I forced myself and was quite surprised at the many things I
did accomplish in 2010.

So, here I go again in 2011 with some new goals.
I chose to roll-over most of the "failed" goals from 2010, because
I do still need to get them accomplished.
I wasted 12 months in which I can't get back....do I want to make it
another 12 months of wasted time?  Of course not.

GOALS 2011

1.  52 NEW RECIPES - I am in a cooking slump.  I feel like I am making the same 7 recipes each week.  If I can try a new recipe a week, I'm sure I will find some new favorites to add to my "favorites" list.  I will also try to blog my experience.  I was going to set
a specific day of the week to try the new recipes, but I figured that would get thrown out
within the 1st few weeks....HA!

2.  CLEAN OUT THE OLD HOMESTEAD* - This is a residual goal from last year.  We did get started on it, just didn't finish.  This year, we plan to rent a dumpster
and start unloading the stuff.  We believe if we rent one and have only so many days to use it before we have to pay MORE MONEY, we will certainly work more diligently.
Goal is to work at least one hour a weekend at the homestead.
Must have the "stuff" we want to keep moved out by MAY 1st.

3.  TEAR DOWN THE OLD GARAGE* - This is ANOTHER residual goal from 2010.  We will push it over on January 2nd.

4.  RUN THE WATER LINE TO THE BARNS* - Yes, another goal from last year.  We almost got this one done in 2010, just didn't happen.

5.  PAINT MASTER BATH* - Hanging head, this is another leftover goal.  Although I DID completely redo my office in 2010!  I could have sworn that was on my 2010 list, it was not.  That goes to show that at some point, I quit looking at THE LIST.
I know this will only take a weekend to do from my office experience.

6.  GET VW WINDSHIELD FIXED - I received TWO cracks within a week apart.  I am still driving around with a cracked windshield after 6 months.  I had an estimate done and this will cost approximately $225.00.  OUCH!

7.  TAKE MORE PRIDE IN OUR VEHICLES - We live on a farm.  Our vehicles suffer because of this reason.  I have NO IDEA where those little tiny rocks come from...I just know I can vacuum and within 30 minutes, I've got pebbles all in the floor!
David got a shop vac for Christmas....hmmmm, think someone was thinking of this goal?
Our intention is to do a quick sweep each Sunday after church.
If we can do this weekly, it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes total for 2 vehicles, right?  :)

8.  ORGANIZE OUR CURRENT GARAGE - The garage is sort of like our office/studio.  It has become a dumping ground.  We have cabinets from the old homestead we could use in the current garage for storage.  We need a counter top for projects.
We will need to draw up a plan and start working on getting this accomplished.

9.  LEARN SOME NEW THINGS TO DO WITH BREAD RECIPE - I mastered making rolls in 2010 and will continue making them at least once a month.  I just want to learn some of the versatility with the dough.  Possibly, I could make cinnamon rolls, new loaves and I certainly want to learn to make pumpernickel bread.

10.  CONTINUE TO FLY WITH THE FLYLADY - I have bounded back and forth for SEVERAL years with The Flylady.  I can now add the ZONES to my phone to help me keep focused.  In 2011, I want to master the weekly home blessing.  I am sketchy with it currently.  I do the zone work almost faithfully.  I have mastered the morning routine.  I rarely go to bed with a dirty kitchen.  Did you know that in 2010, I used the 15 minute method to sew my VERY FIRST HOMEMADE DRESS and have made 3 altogether?
I also did my complete office/studio makeover just 15 minutes at a time.
My timer is my 3rd arm.
FYI:  Just set your timer for 15 minutes and DO SOMETHING!  We often procrastinate things because our mind makes us think it is going to take an ETERNITY to complete the task.
Reality is that the job is probably less than 30 minutes and if it isn't, you will be surprised and motivated by what staying focused for 15 minutes does accomplish!

11.  FEED MY SPIRITUAL SOUL - I will admit, I am in a small desert spiritually at the moment.  Our current church home
 has had some major changes in the last 3 years.  Satan has reared his ugly head and is working on a lot of people.  The nasty thing about Satan, is he knows how to slowly boil the "frog".  Here I am 3 years later....wondering how I missed it.  I REBUKE YOU SATAN, YOU WILL NOT HAVE ME!
I have found some great online resources that are feeding me and feeding me well!
I will continue to journal my experience in my journal....because I'm a note taker like that.
I will continue attending my Sisters' Bible Study each Thursday like I have for the past 8 years.
I will continue to give to God's hurting world.

12.  READ A BOOK A MONTH - I will utilize my Kindle and the public library.
I want books that challenge me, I'm not a read fluff kinda gal.

13.  DRINK 8 GLASSES OF WATER A DAY -  I have done this long enough that I can actually feel the benefits.  I will continue to do this and also, NO SODA POP...none, nada, zip!

14.  PLANT A GARDEN - I planted one last year, and I am learning each year what works and what doesn't work.  The changes I will make this year:
1.  Only 2 rows to allow for growth
2.  Do NOT plant jalapenos and bell peppers next to each other.  Plant Jalapenos in west flower bed.
3.  Plant onions.
4.  Plant celebrity tomatoes.
5.  Plant corn closer together.


16.  FIND A NEW COUCH -  The current couch hurts my back something terrible if I sit on it.  I want to find one that is off the floor enough that my ROOMBA can get underneath it.

17.  THE NEVER ENDING WEIGHT LOSS - I would be happy with 2 - 3 lbs. a month.  Portions, portions, portions.

18.  BLOG UPDATES OF PROGRESS THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH - Yah, yah, this is certainly a residual goal.  I need to utilize the "postpone a post" tool for this.

I know how easily things come and go....
I love the feeling of accomplishments.
If I don't write them down, will I truly remember what goal I set?
Probably not.
I pray your eyes are open to the blessings God brings your way in the new year.
I pray for no "tunnel vision" with prayers.
"prayers answered ONLY the way I want them answered"



Kim said...

Thanks Ms. Traci you always give me something to set for myself, like get off my butt and do something, anything. Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family.
Love ya,

MsByn said...

We used to make bread every week. Sometimes we'd make French bread and use it for garlic bread or AWESOME French toast.

You can make 'pizza bread' by rolling up cheeses and meats in your loaf, thick or thin as you want.

Monkey bread/pull aparts if you can have the sugar.

garlic rolls (like savory cinnamon rolls, with garlic & herbs instead of sugar and cinnamon)

Also, in our cinn rolls, we liked to add things like nuts, seeds and blueberries or diced apples for variety (like I said, I used to make a big batch EVERY week when the kids were younger)


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