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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our "other" kids......

Meet Sally and Otis.
Sally and Otis lost their mother... :(
We are now Sally's and Otis' mother.
 3 times a day, we get to "bond" with
Sally and Otis.
They don't care what we look like, they
are too busy searching for an udder....
I know my knees are fat, but I refuse
to think they remotely resemble
and UDDER!!

Mission accomplished.....
It was too hard for me to feed them AND take a picture
of them nursing the bottle.
So, I took a picture of the empty bottle....
I wonder if there is any coke residue in the bottle
and does that make it a goat coke float?


Mc Allen said...

AWWS!!! hey, can I bring lil P and we'll come out and see them, I mean you!. ;) They are a dor able!!! Maybe you could throw together some of the vittles your always tempting us with!? :) Just please, no goat!!

Miss Rachel's Pantry said...

how cute!

Want to

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