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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Altered T-Shirt from a Man's T-Shirt

Do you have a shirt that seems to be a perfect fit on you?
Don't you hate it when regular t-shirts fit you like a blanket?
Why do they charge more for a girly t-shirt when often
it takes less material?
I bought this t-shirt for $10 to advertise my
When you look at a plain shirt, it just didn't
do my Cupcakes justice.

I took my favorite shirt that fit me fine, got on YouTube
and looked for some tutorials.
What is funny, I am pretty sure it was a high school girl
who had exactly what I was looking to do to the shirt.
I added some ruffle to the collar...next time, I will make
it a smaller width ruffle.
All in all, I am content with how it turned out.
The cost of this project was the initial $10 for the shirt.
It took me about an hour to alter the shirt.
I would certainly do this again.

1 comment:

Mountain Belle said...

Cute shirt. You did a great job.

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