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Saturday, September 24, 2011

And then I Tried the NO SHAMPOO Thing......

Have you heard of this?
Stop using SHAMPOO?
I clicked THIS LINK on Pinterest.
I was quite interested.
I am beginning to feel that so many products
are just marketing gimmicks.
I know that shampoo hasn't been around that long.
So, why not give this a try.
I just had my hair colored 3 days ago.
Normally, I go 48 hours without washing it so the color will stay longer...
who knows if that really works or not.
So, when I tried 1 cup of water and 1 TBS. of baking soda,
I was very skeptical as I had 3 days of EW plus 2 days of gel, mousse and hairspray
on my hair.
I am sorry that I didn't take a BEFORE picture.
I did NOT use the whole one cup on my hair, just enough to work
into my scalp and let it set while I did the
shaving thing......which I am sure is another genius gimmick.
Making women thing they have to shave....but I do it.
I am not fond of pants sticking to leg hairs or lifting my
arm just to have the fat tickled by HAIR.
Here is the AFTER.
I applied no product, just blow dried it.
I do.
Like my glasses?????
and you can get them for around $4 for just the frames.
I get my daughter's their single vision glasses for
$25!!!  NO KIDDING.
Make sure you understand HOW to order them
and how your eye Dr. writes the prescription.
They have awesome styles.

Up close shot.
I was very impressed.
I will keep using it and posting pics.
I have a daughter that has realllllly oily hair.
I am going to have her try it too.
we will wash our faces with oil!!!
Yep!  You heard me correctly, OIL!!!!
Stay Tuned.

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