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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Milk Jug, A Butter Bowl, Duct Tape, Sand, Glue, and Newspaper

Remember on Menu Plan Monday's post, I said something about teaching a class at church? Well, we are winding up the class and I wanted to show you what lovely creatures we created.
We made scarecrow heads.....which could be used w/ a scarecrow body, a centerpiece, even in a wreath.....just let your creative juices flow....
And boy did they flow through this class.....just have a gander at what they created.

Just in case you might want to make one yourself, I'll give some instructions.
Take a one gallon milk/water jug with the lid on it, turn it upside down in a clean 16 oz. butter/sour cream bowl that is 1/2 full w/ sand. (The BOWL is 1/2 full, not the jug)
Use duct tape to secure it and keep the sand from falling out.....
Using a mixture of watered down glue, start your paper mache w/ newspaper. You can google better directions if you haven't done it before. After two layers.....wait 24 hours before applying another two layers. It helps if you put the first layer on in VERTICAL pieces and then the 2nd layer in HORIZONTAL pieces.
After you've put on about 6 complete layers......make the next two layers out of BROWN PAPER SACK. The sack is a little trickier.....make sure you really SOAK the paper. Make your pieces more round instead of STRIPS.
The brown is what gives it the gunnysack appearance.
If you want, you can seal it w/ clear coat after it dries....especially if you want to put it on the porch......I don't really recommend you leave it to the weather......I've never done that before.
Then, get out your crafty stuff and start decorating!
Thanks ladies, it was a blast!!!!!


Debbie said...

Oh, these sound like so much fun!! I would love to do this with the kids :) I can't see the pics though. Maybe it is just my connection, but they came up as boxes with the little x in the left top corner...

Dennis & Summer Rains said...

You are just so crafty! I love the scarecrows, especially love the pic of them all lined up, too cute!

Liz said...

Ok... I'm LOVING your new sound effects on here. :) So fun.

Farmchick said...

They look great!! I think I may try that...in my spare time!! lol Thanks for sharing. Don't forget to stop in and visit me!!

My Big Mouth said...

I love this!
I have a milk jug and a sour cream bowl just recently empty.I simply must try it!
Thanks for the directions Traci!
All the ladies did a fantastic job too.Its neat to see what they all did differently isn't it?

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